Best Haircuts for Long Faces

Best Haircuts for Long Faces

Long face has its share of advantages and disadvantages. You can select the hair cut which will be most flattering for you..long faces can look great with curls, bangs, shoulder length hair or natural tousled hair cut in soft layers. Long face should not go for a pouf. Due to the natural length, a long face can look pretty good without any addition to the crown region. I will do a compilation with hair lengths, starting with long-medium hair:

Soft romantic layering:

long hair styles for long faces (4)
The natural looking long hair for long faces, I think you can carry these hair everyday, framing your face and at the same time doing much for a long face.

long hair styles for long faces (3)

you dont need much setting in such hair styles, a rough tussled look and a touch of mousse for curls will do the job for you..

long hair styles for long faces (1)

Notice how most of them have parted the hair, and notice the length too, it works best for a long face with this kind of hair length.

rati beauty ad

long hair styles for long faces (2)


Check some really short length hair cuts for long faces, I loved most of them…

short blonde hair

See how lovely blonde hair look as well in such a nice crop cut..


This one is the perfect length and see how the bangs frame the face to make it look less longer..

short hair


Same kind of effect for black hair as well..the bangs do the job for you with ease.


Now see how you could tie up your hair for a long face, make sure not to add any pouf or any high pony which will add to the length on top, keep it low or medium so as to fit the hair style with the frame of the face ..

Ponytail tied carefully not to add any height..



Now see how bangs could help you too, a simple cut and does so much for a long it any complexion, hair length or color..

oval face shape jessica alba



Shoulder lengthshoulder length hairThis length of hair are very flattering as well..


Curls can hide a long face like nothing else..

salma haque

How do you style your hair for a long face, or an oval one..hope these tips help..

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14 thoughts on “Best Haircuts for Long Faces

  1. Cool post Neha…loved all the above hair styles specially the ones with curls.,,they add somuch softness to the face *clap* *clap*

  2. i have long face+medium length curly hair and my forehead is looking bigger day by day coz of the hairfall *cry* .will try some of these hair styles. Thank you neha di 🙂

      1. Yeah neha di tried bangs but had to straighten them each n every day coz i have super duper curly hair spirals literally so thats leading to hairfall in the front portion mainly *scared*

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