Best Hand Cream: Ask IMBB

Ask IMBB Gang

Rama asks:

Can you please list the best hand creams available in India 🙂

Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream
The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
Lush Smitten Hand Cream
Vivel Cell Renew Hand Creme
Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream
The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream
The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Hand Cream
Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream


10 thoughts on “Best Hand Cream: Ask IMBB

  1. Crab tree and evelyn hand creams, L’Occitane hand creams, Moyzen hand cream (available at chemist shops), the body shop butters and hand cream.

  2. I like Sally Hansen Hand Nail and cuticle cream also Organic Surge, both works wonderful on my dry hand make them soft and shiny.

  3. I enjoy using the sally hansen hand and cuticle cream because of its non greasy formula for normal days, but when my hands need a little more pampering, I would go for heavy duty ones like crabtree and evelyn or body shop. 🙂

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