7 Best Highlighting Hair Colors for Black Hair

By Aditya M.

Hello honey bunches of oats!

With the holiday season coming up and the New Year ringing in, you might want to change things up a bit. Every year for New Year, we try for a new look or a slight change, and most of us opt for changes in our hair, as it’s one of the easiest changes to make 😛

Black Highlighting Colors

Single tone hair might get boring after a while. You may even want to switch it up with a different hair cut or a different color. Deciding on which hair cut to opt for is single-handedly one of the most difficult tasks for women, but also deciding which color highlights you’d like to get on top of that can be a very stressful task. Even the simplest of changes in our hair would make a huge difference to us. For some reason, we girls feel much more confident when our hair is in check and on point. Deciding what color to highlight your hair or make any minute changes for that matter should never be done on impulse. These decisions need to be carefully made after evaluating your options. Even with all the right information, it can be really difficult and may even make you feel a little anxious if you’re like me.

hair color black

With so many great options out there, we narrowed down a few looks that are really trending and look great on black hair. Here are a few of our suggestions for highlights that you might be able to try and pull off.

1. If you have curly hair that’s quite short, opt for something a little edgy like cool dirty blonde highlights. They add just a bit of color but a whole lot of personality for your hair.

Blonde hair

2. Soft purple highlights are great for anyone who wants a subtler look. Purple with black will always look chic and welcoming.

Purple highlights on black hair

3. Soft brown highlights or milk chocolate highlights as I like to call them are perfect for more natural looking waves. I love how soft brown highlights fall onto rich black hair. This combination always looks so elegant and classy.

Soft black hair

4. Burgundy highlights are great if you’re a little bold. I think these are amazing if you have the personality to pull them off. Burgundy highlights always remind me of confidence, straightforwardness, but they’re also really relaxed at the same time.

Burgundy highlights

5. A nice ombre from a caramel brown leading to black roots would look amazing if your hair is naturally wavy. I think this look really defines your face shape and it generally looks amazing.

Caramel soft highlights

6. Subtle red highlights look amazing especially on straight hair. It makes your hair look vibrant and shiny.

Red highlights

7. Jet blue highlights pair really well with black hair. It’s so dark that it won’t even be very visible unless you’re out in the sun or under an extremely bright light. They’re extremely subtle which is why I would prefer this to most of the other colors. They’re perfect for the quiet introvert who wants a slight change but also nothing too dramatic or anything that draws a lot of attention.

Blue highlights

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