Best Inglot Powder Blushes Available in India

Best Inglot Powder Blushes Available in India

I love Inglot so much that today when I was going through our posts on their blushes, I thought why not compile them so that we know just what to get when we hit the store again, they have some amazingly soft and pigmented blushes and the shade range is out of this world, these cost 400 each for the refills and the whole pot will cost you 1050 as of now due to the hiked prices, why these price hikes, I mean let us buy more with lesser costs rather than just getting one at a time 😛 Take a look at some amazing Inglot blushes you could choose from below. I am compiling only powder ones, cream ones may be some other time.
Best Inglot Powder Blushes Available in India

Inglot AMC Face Blush #55


Its a simple matte mauve pink for me and it feels very smooth, not at all powdery or chalky, and it does not have any fall out or flying powder in the air.You can pick up less but I think the shade is light so you can never go wrong with it. You dont have to worry about lot of pink on your cheeks.

Inglot AMC Face Blush No. 59 and right, Inglot Face Blush No. 32


These particular shades look peachy-plummy in the pan but swatches and applies as a pretty smokey-rose shade with a shimmery/frosty finish.

Inglot AMC Face Blush #65

inglot 65 blush

The colour of the blush is a matte peachy colour with a tinge of light orange in it. Looks and blends with my skin tone, brightens up my face. Excellent colour if you are going for the nude look.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #41

inglot blush 41

This one of course is not subtle, it is a true brick shade and I loved it at first sight, okay it is totally matte and insanely pigmented trust me, you really really need to be CAUTIOUS when using this because it stains fast on your cheeks and then you will have a hard time mellowing it down.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #47


This will suit mostly fair complexions. I cannot comment on whether it will suit dusky complexions or not. For fair beauties, this shade is a must have. It gives that perky kind of look and goes for being a completely natural shade.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #40

inglot blush 40

The Inglot blush refill in 40 is a beautiful peach brown shade with tiny golden shimmers. The color looks pretty dark brown in the pan, but on the cheeks, it translates into a pretty peach and a soft brown combination. I picked it for night wear, but with a light hand, it can also be used for the day as the shimmer is finely milled.

Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #56

inglot blush 56

The shade is a mauvy pink and it has silver shimmer, the shimmer shows up only when you blend, even when you swatch, the finger shows up a lot of shimmer. The shade will show up on light skin tones only, the silver will twinkle and hence you cannot wear it for the day. BUt the shimmer is on a matte base but hoinestly it is chunky and not fine or not milled with the texture of the blush but it is actually separate and visible, so if you have pores then this silver shimmer blush is the last thing you want.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #28

The shade is super soft, it is so soft you have to use it well, use a soft brush, and apply very light, it blends in like my second skin, I love this for day wear, it is like my own natural blush shade.

inglot blush 28

Inglot Freedom System Blush #27

inglot blush 27

It’s a perfect day wear blush and looks matte. Though there is a bit of shimmer seen on the pan, it doesn’t show up on the skin when blended. The texture is smooth powdery, not coarse, and easy to blend.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #58

inglot 58 blush

This product is actually better than the regular range from Inglot blushes. This is a bit powdery and sheds when used with a brush to take in the color, but blends in really well when applied on the cheeks.

Inglot Freedom System Blush #30


The colour is a prominently matte peachy colour with pink undertones. I have wheatish complexion with yellow undertones and on my cheeks, it comes out as a beautiful peachy pink shade. If applied with a light hand, it looks like I have naturally flushed cheeks.

Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #57


This one is a shimmer blush in an absolutely matte powder, as in it is not out and out a shimmer blush that will add sheen to your face, this shimmer is lesser and the effect on the cheeks is more of a matte one hence I picked this one, I am a fan of such shades of natural mauves for blushes hence I got this one.

I love them all, which ones have you tried? 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Best Inglot Powder Blushes Available in India

  1. INglot has these amazing blushes with good pigmentation….that 41, 40 and 27 look so good….great compilation Neha *woot* *woot*

  2. *woot* *woot* Nice Compilaton Neha… i never used blush before *cry* new to make up stuffs, can you suggest me which blush colour looks good on me ?? I have acne prone skin, warm skin tone (Chennaite) *scared*

    1. I am sure Neha will be able to answer better, but here is my two-pence…
      For warm (dusky) skin tone, I would suggest a color like MAC Sunbasque. The shade #65 in Neha’s compilation is also in the same color family. It would be a nice start for you if you are not into blushes yet… These shades will give your face a nice flush without looking over the top and are easy enough for a novice to pull off.
      Hope this helps Nila.

      1. Thank you Anwesha *hifive* *hifive* i have noted the shade, but as im a beginner just wanted to try lower/middle end range blushes.. please suggest a brand before i go for MAC *powder*

    1. I saw a nude-y shade in Colorbar as well… don’t recall the name though – you could check them out as well.
      Another way to buy a suitable color from a cheaper brand would be to go to MAC/Inglot or where ever they have well -trained MUAs and get their suggestions. Then you could pick up a similar shade from one of the cheaper brands. 😀

  3. i just have one inglot blush and that is sooo amazing. I want to pick more of these. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* awesomeeooooo post neha!!! 🙂

  4. Ohhh my god i never knew there were soo any options *woot* *woot* *woot* i soo have to go to shopperstop *hifive* *hihi* *hihi* all these pinks are soo cute *happy dance* *happy dance* *thankyou* *thankyou* soo much for putting everything into one place *happydance*

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