9 Best-Kept Indian Secrets for Long Hair

In today’s modern world, we are so engrossed in all the fancy shampoos, serums and conditioners that we have forgotten the simple tips and tricks which our grandmothers and mothers used to swear by. However, today all those childhood memories of oil champis and amla hair washes will be revisited. Stay tuned for an informative post!

South Indian secrets to long and black hair

Castor oil

Castor oil with castor fruits, seeds and leaf

If you belong to an Indian household, chances are that you have already heard about or tried this magic potion called castor oil. Castor oil is scientifically proven to have been responsible for faster hair growth. Being rich in ricinoleic acid, one of the essential amino acids required by humans, it benefits our body in various ways.

So in case you are always struggling to grow your hair out, fret not and switch to castor oil. However, beware that castor oil can be quite thick in consistency and should be mixed with other lighter oils to prevent stickiness that might follow.

Regular hair massages

Traditionally known as ‘champi’ in India, there are various benefits of getting head massages. Apart from increasing the blood flow to your head and increasing your hair length, a champi acts as an ultimate stress buster, reduces hair fall, prevents and treats migraine issues and even detoxifies your whole body by stimulating your lymphatic drainage system.

Say no to poo!

woman washing hair with shampoo

Using shampoos often can dry out your hair shaft and make your scalp drier over the period of time. Therefore, some of the Indian women still prefer washing their heads only once a week and some of them wear oil throughout the week as well.

However, if you cannot completely change your lifestyle, there are some better alternatives that you can use in place of your chemically-loaded shampoos. Some of those alternatives are amla and shikakai, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and natural shampoo bars that are available in some Indian beauty stores.

Combing your hair 100 times a day!

While some modern theories suggest that using a hair brush often can lead to hair fall and breakage, we beg to differ. Traditionally, we were told by our grandmothers to brush our hair often in order to stimulate our scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Apart from this, brushing your hair frequently helps in removing the dirt and debris from the scalp which might clog your hair follicles and hamper hair growth.

Proper hair brushing also promotes the release of natural hair oils which keep the scalp healthy and nourished. To achieve the benefits of regular hair brushing, you just need to take out 3 minutes from your personal grooming routine and brush the unhealthy hair away.

Henna and egg masks

Young Female Model Putting Refreshing Mask On Long Wet Hair With Wooden Comb

Henna, popularly known as mehendi in India, has been used as a substitute for artificial hair dyes since time immemorial. Shikakai has been known to boost hair growth as well. Henna, when mixed with an egg (which is an excellent source of the protein itself) makes a potent hair mask. If used on a regular basis, this mask nourishes your scalp, gets rid of dandruff and also acts as a natural hair conditioner.

Amla and shikakai can be your best friends

Amla is called Phyllanthus Emblica in English and shikakai is known as Acacia. Amla being rich in Vitamin c treats premature greying of hair and its essential fatty acids moisturise your scalp and work like a conditioner. Shikakai, on the other hand, is effective in strengthening the hair shaft and minimizing the breakage while conditioning.

There are a number of ways in which your hair can be benefited by these two magic ingredients. Watch out for hair oils containing these two or make your own powder shampoo to switch with your regular chemical-laden shampoos.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil on table on light background

If you have ever been to South India, you would know the abundance of coconut trees there and the fact that each and every part of a coconut tree can be used in some form or the other. Being naturally rich in lauric acid, coconut oil prevents the protein loss in hair. Coconut oil’s chemical structure allows it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and nourish it from inside out, which is why it gives desirable results quickly.

Curry leaves

The medicinal values of curry leaves have been known to Indians since centuries. Mainly used as an ingredient in the kitchen, they are also used in hair care oils and shampoos as they are known to increase hair growth exponentially.

Braiding your hair

Beautiful girl with long red hair braided with a French braid

Myth or not, it has been said that braiding your hair makes it grow faster. While there may not be any scientific proof to back the theory up, it sure does prevent hair breakage and protects your hair from dirt and pollution to some extent. Hence, braiding keeps your hair healthy and helps it grow out.

That’s it for today, girlies. Hope this made for an interesting read.

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