Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes

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The smokey eye look is classic. If it is done well, it can take your whole makeup look high up to many notches. But, there are so many things that can go wrong with smokey eyes. One of them is definitely choosing a wrong lip colour. In today’s post, let us find out which lip colours enhance the already intense smokey eyes.

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 00

Nude Lips:

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 2

This was kind of obvious. Smokey eyes are meant to be dramatic and what better way to let your eyes do the talking than nude lips. Apply a lipstick that is closest to your skin tone or just add a clear gloss to finish off the look. This way your eyes will be the talking point and clear glossy lips will help you to provide neatness and polish to your overall look without being distracting.

Pink Lips:

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 3

If you are a fair skinned beauty then you can definitely think of pairing those dark and intense smokey eyes with variety of shades from the pink family. You can choose to go for pale pink shade for just a splash of colour. If you want all the attention and drama, then you can also choose a darker pink shade.

Peachy Lips:

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 4

Peach is a very pretty shade and looks great on a variety of skin tones unlike pinks. You have a lot of options in peach from pastel muted ones to sparkly ones. You can pair your black, grey or brown smokey eyes with peach lip shades and they are bound to look beautiful and gorgeous.

Plum Lips:

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 05

Plum is a beautiful shade, especially if you are not a lady of reds and pinks. Plum is definitely less dramatic than reds, but has more effect than those pastel pinks and peaches. If you have an evening party to attend and do not want a red pout then choose plum in a slightly lighter shade. Do not choose the darkest plum shade as it might look over the board.

Red Lips:

Best Lip Colours to Pair Up with Smokey Eyes 6

Although some may say that smokey eyes and red pout do not go well together, but this is not the case. Smokey eyes with bold red lips are one of the most recreated looks. The trick is to find the perfect red lip shade that will complement the smokey eyes and not overshadow it. If done well, it will not only look vintage but also very glamorous.

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  1. amazing post vandana!! i find it difficult to pull off smokey eyes with red lips but it’s such an amazing combo. loved the pic you have used to show the combination. :))

  2. This is superb Vandana. I love the combo of smokey eyes and red lips. I always try to play it safe and go for nudes or light pinks.

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