Best Makeup Fixing Sprays

Best Makeup Fixing Sprays

If you have done awesome makeup and want it to stay fresh till the end of the day, spritz makeup fixing sprays on. These fixing sprays increase the longevity of your makeup and ensures that your entire makeup stays in place for long hours.  Such sprays are great for Indian brides whose makeup has to survive long hours of wedding rituals. Also, great to fix makeup for those who are living in humid and harsh climates. These sprays save makeup from meltdowns and increases staying power of foundation, eyeshadows, blush, etc. Some sprays also give your makeup a dewy finish.  So, to finish up makeup with a luminous glow, pick up one of these sprays from the list:

1.  Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray:

Price:  $29


A clinically tested formula, suitable for all skin tones, lowers the temperature of makeup to keep it in place. Makeup lasts all day without melting.  Does not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates.  Oil free spray which comes out as a very fine mist, lightweight. Sets and corrects makeup, gives dewy glow to the face.  Keeps makeup fresh.

2.  Skindinavia Makeup Finish Spray:

Price: $30


Gives makeup a luminous finish, extends makeup wear.  Helps makeup resist heat and humidity.  Weightless mist that sets your makeup.  Extends wear of foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer.  Gives a natural glow, doesn’t make the face sweat, extends the stay of  makeup.  Good to set bridal makeup.  Sets even mineral foundation.

3.  MAC Fix + Spray:

Price:  Rs. 1000 approximately.


Sets makeup, keeps makeup in place and prevents it from melting down.  Leaves skin fresh.  Brings out intensity of eyeshadows. Moisturizes skin, gives a dewy finish.  Takes care of the dry patches on the skin.  Enriched with glycerin, cucumber, and castor oil.

4.  Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray:

Price:  Rs. 375


Makes makeup completely smudgeproof and makeup stays much longer.  Comes with SPF 20.  Prevents makeup from melting away and also keeps oil off the face.

5.  Mehron Barrier Spray:

Price:  Rs. 550 approximately.


This spray is considered equivalent to MAC fix spray.  It’s a clear liquid that can be used to set makeup.  Makeup stays fresh all day long, does not fade, transfer or smudge.  Reduces oiliness and sweat on face.  Makes makeup waterproof, increase staying power of makeup.

6.  Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray:

Price:  $10 dollars approximately.


Refreshing mist that rejuvenates skin and sets makeup for long-lasting wear.  Smoothes and evens out the texture of makeup. Thins out foundations for sheer coverage.  Lightweight mist that hydrates the skin lightly.  Gives dewy finish to makeup.  Does not make face oily or greasy.  Does not contain alcohol or fragrance.

7.  MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist:

Price:  Rs. 500 approximately.


Fixes makeup and keeps it in place all day long.  Holds makeup in place in heat, humidity, and cold conditions.  A refreshing mist that creates a luminous finish and hydrates skin.  Prevents cakiness of foundations, imparts healthy dewy finish on the skin.  Does not break out acne-prone skin.

8.  Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief:

Price:  Rs. 1800


A refreshing face spray that also sets your makeup.  Oil free, contains aloe.  Softens and soothes skin.  Clears dry patches on the skin, very hydrating.  Does not leave any residue behind, can be used as a finishing spray after makeup.

9.  Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Fixer Mist:

Price:  $29

A light mist that seals in makeup and keeps it in place by coating the skin with a weightless and invisible film.  Good for movies and photo shoots, and professional makeup artists.

10.  NYX Makeup Setting Spray:

Price:  $8

For that fresh makeup look that lasts, NYX makeup setting sprays are lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure that your makeup stays put.  Available also in dewy fresh glow variety.

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11 thoughts on “Best Makeup Fixing Sprays

  1. Hey J… me want makeup fixing spray badly.. you know what i haven’t tried any till date..not even Fix plus *hihi* *hihi* and i never knew clinique also does one.. 🙂 nice post.

  2. Hey J.. I want to try these makeup setting know i havn’t tried any till date not even fix plus *hihi* *hihi* and i dint know clinique also has one 🙂 nice post

  3. colorbar fixing spray works equally well. I have been using MAC n colorbar sprays. Its kinda sad not to see colorbar spray in the list.

    1. but leaves some shine… i have oily skin and makeup never stays after a point.
      would like to try:-
      Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Makeup Fixer Mist
      Mehron Barrier Spray – reviewed by nupur so would work 🙂

  4. Hi Jomol
    Could you please list down a comparison sort of thing -like which ones are meant for oily skin, dry skin etc, which ones to avoid if you have acne – or which one to buy if you’ve never used one before – it’ll make this a one stop post for all makeup setting queries 🙂

  5. I love the list! New to your blog! Just saw your review on colorbar setting spray, wondering why it didnt make it to the list despite the high rating? 🙂

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