Best Makeup Shopping Tips For Sensitive Skin

Best Makeup Shopping Tips For Sensitive Skin

If sensitive skin annoys you and makes you think makeup is not suited for you, think again! There are many ways to play up your best features even if your skin is prone to breakouts or allergic reactions. There are certain products you can use that will really help. Read on to get ideas on how to achieve this!


1. Know the ingredients:  If you have sensitive skin, it’s important to know that certain chemicals can harm or aggravate the skin and cause some nasty reactions. The next time you go shopping for cosmetics, keep these pointers in mind. Always check the expiration date and the ingredients list. Steer clear of anything that contains sodium lauryl sulphate, and ensure that you don’t go for anything with a very complex fragrance. Sometimes, it’s also important to verify whether you are allergic to some essential oils because that could also lead to breakouts.


2. Old is not always gold:  Be ruthless when it comes to disposing of old cosmetics. Yes, the packaging is adorable, but if it’s too close to expiring or past the expiration date, toss it out. Also try not to buy huge packs of one product to avoid wastage when it’s close to expiry, so that you can throw it without feeling guilty.

3. Mineral makeup:  Mineral makeup is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin. Mineral makeup gives you a really good finish, and moreover doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives and other harmful ingredients. You can choose from many different brands for mineral makeup, like the Body Shop or ELF.


4. Makeup ranges: Look for the words “hypoallergenic,” or “dermatologically tested” on the brands you buy – this can help a lot in choosing makeup that is less likely to damage skin or trigger breakouts. This can mostly be seen with some specialist, stand-alone makeup brands. Of course, this does not guarantee that it will be perfect for you but it’s a good way to go.

5. Less is more:  Often when we shop for cosmetics, we see two paragraphs of unpronounceable ingredient names – yikes! If you want to minimize the risk, try to choose products that have fewer ingredients or makeup with more simple formulations so that you don’t have to worry about your skin reacting.

6. Test it out: Whenever you make your next trip to a cosmetics counter or boutique, make sure you ask for some testers or samples first. That way you needn’t spend a lot of money in one go on trying out a product that could end up unsuitable for you. Make sure that the SA has not touched the product with her fingers and that she uses clean tools. Monthly subscriptions to beauty boxes also let you sample products before you buy a full size.


7. Don’t experiment on a big day: If you are prepping for a special occasion like a party or an interview, don’t try any new products on that day. Try it much before so that you have enough time to see if it’s suitable or not.

It can be difficult and can take a lot of tries till you find the perfect products for your sensitive skin, but be sure to keep these pointers in mind the next time you have to use or buy makeup.

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  1. I have started experimenting a lot with the mineral makeup and it works amazingly and has never broke me out ever *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom*

  2. *thankyou* Nandini…… Even though I don’t have sensitive skin i always look for cosmetics with hypoallergenic tag on them. *hihi* *hihi* 😛

  3. Good tips *clap*

    The second point is for me *hihi* I am still holding on to my MAC foundation just because it is from MAC , I paid too much for that and I have not used more than two times *secret* *secret* , same goes for MAC compact 😛

    Like this mineral thinggy *jalwa*

  4. I know this is not a shopping tip, but whatever you use, make sure at the end of the day, you cleanse and double cleanse (if required) and cleanse some more! 🙂 And this is especially important for sensitive skin!

  5. I have a very sensitive skin…and lot of hairs on face *waaa*
    I got my facial hairs waxed bt then pimples broke out on whole face….
    What to do now *secret*

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