7 Best Makeup Tips for Black and White Photo

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In the era of DSLR and mobile phones with super quality cameras, clicking pictures is surely a big thing. While we all love the colorful frames, there is something too elegant and classy about black and white pictures. Many women prefer having black and white portraits over colored photos. However, makeup for these photos will be quite different than your normal makeup. There are certain makeup techniques that you must follow to highlight your best features in a black and white photograph. In this post, I will tell you guys about the tips that you must keep in your mind while doing makeup for a black and white photo shoot.

7 Best Makeup Tips for Black and White Photo

1. Concealer is Must

Having even skin is a must in these photos. The darker areas on your face or the dark spots can create an uneven shadow in the picture. Apply color correcting concealer to even out all the flaws. Blend them away and top it with foundation.

2. Choose the Right Foundation

PhotosYoung woman puts a liquid foundation on her palm

While some prefer full coverage makeup in black and white photos, others prefer a sheer coverage. But, you must attain an even skin with your foundation. If you have no major discoloration and have a flawless skin, a sheer foundation can do wonders for your skin. However, if you have used concealer, a heavy coverage foundation can help you to even everything out. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and blend everything on your face and neck. If you do not apply foundation on your neck, it will definitely look disastrous.

3. Highlight and Contour

Creating the perfect shadow effect is must when you are getting clicked in a B&W photo. Use a contour shade to get the sculpted and defined appearance. As the colors won’t show up, you can use deep contour shades to get the desired intensity. To add the right contrast, highlight the required areas with a lighter shade of foundation or highlighter. It is ok to use a shade lighter than what you originally use as a highlighter. This may not look good off camera, but will look great in the photo.

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4. Neutral Eye Makeup

Makeup artist apply makeup brush for eyes. makeup for young girl. brown eye shadow. close up

Bright, colorful eye shadows do not show up in the B&W photos and may look muddy. So, it is best to play with a few neutral shades. Do not over complicate the eye makeup and try to go for subtle colors. Use a deep eye shadow to create some depth in the crease. Use a light, matte shade to make your eyelids pop.

5. Use False Lashes or Mascara

To give your eyes some extra attention, add falsies. Make sure that you apply falsies properly otherwise, the difference may become prominent. Use a black or transparent adhesive instead of a white one. If you want a subtle look, go for any good mascara that boosts the length as well as volume of the lashes.

6. Fill in your Brows

Shaping eyebrows

A bold, sexy brow looks great in B&W photo. Fill in the gaps with an eye shadow or eye brow color. Draw it beautifully and give it an even, well-shaped appearance.

7. Define the Lips

No colors show up in B&W photos, but that does not mean you can use light, neutral shades. That will make your lips look pale and washed out. Lighter shades of red and brown will actually look like your normal lip color in the photos. If you want your lips to look bold, try the deepest red and brown from your stash. You can also mix your black gel liner with your red lipstick to get the deepest color that grabs all attention.

These are the basic things that you must follow while doing makeup for B&W photo. Also, matte makeup looks good in B&W photo, so save your shimmery stuffs for the colorful pictures. It is better to avoid foundations with SPF as that may not look flattering in the pictures. Lastly, experiment with the looks and see how it reflects in the photos. The makeup might not be perfect in the first go. Check the pictures, see if something is not looking right and fix it the next time when you are doing the makeup. Because, just like science, makeup is all about experiments!

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