7 Best Maternity Lingerie

I’m back with another post! Today, we would be talking about maternity lingerie. While you are pregnant, you should carry your fashion in the most comfortable style. You will probably need to go through a lot of things during pregnancy period and especially while taking care of your breasts and private areas. Be it bikinis, briefs or thongs, you should be very careful while choosing the right type of lingerie for yourself. In order to avoid mishaps caused due to bad underwear and bras, here are some of the best maternity lingerie options.


1. Bikini style:

Bikini style is a highly recommended style when it comes to pregnant woman. Although many women have a problem with the style rolling down, one benefit about this is it does not irritate your stomach and also won’t peak out of pants. Depending upon the size of the belly, you should pick up the right size of bikini for you.

2. Maternity briefs:

Often known as grandma panties, maternity briefs are a common type of an underpants recommended for pregnant women. While maternity briefs are not stylish, they provide perfect support for your back. They don’t roll down and also fully cover your belly. It is great to be work with through the pregnancy period.

3. Thong trend:

Thong trend is quite popular when it comes to pregnancy styles! Few women find the thong trend very comfortable as it is worn low and also provides the proper support to the belly. It provides full support, does not roll down and also does not peak out of the pants. Depending on the hip size, you can choose the right type of thong trend so that it does not dig into your skin.

4. Maternity bra:

A good maternity bra not only helps to support your breasts, but it also makes your breasts comfortable while growing. Because your breasts are heaviest during pregnancy or while nursing and hence it is important that you should pick the right type of bra which supports and makes your breasts feel comfortable. Most of the maternity bras are designed to be free of allergens which are good for people with sensitive skin.

5. Bras without underwire:

Another great type of bra which can help to support your breast during pregnancy period is picking up the right type of bra without underwire. Choosing bra without underwire proves great to be worn during the third semester of the pregnancy. You should always choose a bra which 1-2 size larger than the current bra size in order to make your growing breasts comfortable.

6. Underwire bra:

Underwire bras are fine till they fit your breasts perfectly. Once they start pinching your breasts, it’s time to give up on underwire bras. Many pregnant women find it difficult to deal with underwire bras and hence they opt for soft cup bras. One important thing you should remember is to pick up bras with soft materials like cotton or synthetic blend so that they do not poke your nipples. Your nipples are more sensitive during pregnancy and hence you should choose the bra properly.

7. Full-cup bra:

Another great option to wear during pregnancy is a full-cup bra. Full-cup bra gives full support to your breasts and also allows your breasts to grow fully. You should choose a bra with straps which are wider than your shoulder so that they give proper support. Change the size once it starts poking you or you find it difficult to wear the bra.

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