9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

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How have you all been doing? Did you know that your hair can actually make or break your appearance in just 7 seconds when a person first sees you? Hair forms a vital part of our look and therefore defining our hairstyles and haircuts are extremely important. So today, we will talk about that sweet length of hair, that is neither too long, nor too short but just the perfect length to style and look glamorous. So, all you medium length haired beauties, this is a post to watch out for.

9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

1. The Long Bob with Bangs

The bob has been always one of the most classic hairstyles but many of us Indian girls love our tresses way too much to chop it all off. Hence comes the newer version of bob, or lob, the long bob which is the perfect hairstyle for all you medium length hair girls. Bangs add that extra bit of zing and class to the look and the length is perfect for tying up to bring variation to the style.

2. The Angled Bob

9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Bob

The lob has an another variation when you angle it just right, and that way you can cheat into adding a little bit of extra length to your lob. It gives an overall angled look, making your face look longer, slimmer and sharper and you can sport it with either a middle or a side part.

3. Tapered Mega Layers

When you don’t have too much length to work with, then the best way to jazz up some volume to your hair is by adding a very high amount of layers to it. Use a razor to taper only the hair that frames the face, starting anywhere from cheekbone to chin and you will get swingy stands that highlight your features, and gently caress your face making your features stand out.

4. Sleek Blunt Lob with Middle Part

9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Middle Part

Nothing spells classy and sexy as much as this hairstyle does. Bolly and Holly Celebrities alike have been loving as well as sporting this look to perfection and we can’t help but want to imitate them. If you have naturally straight hair, then this can be one of the most fuss free and low maintenance hairstyles. Just keep the edges blunt and adds lots of serum and spray for that shine and sleekness. Also it has he added benefit of making thin hair look thicker.

5. Curl it up

Spiral curls can totally transform your look in such a sultry and glamorous way. Get your thinnest curling wands out and curl it up right from the roots. Shoulder-length hair is super flattering with side-swept layers around the face. (Remember curly hair will dry much shorter after getting it cut while it is wet, so avoid an awkward length!) All-over layers and a big dose of shine products help define and separate strands in hair this curly.

6. The Iconic Rachel Cut

9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Rachel

Remember the “Rachel” — that medium-length, multi-layered cut popularized by Jennifer Aniston in Friends, circa 1995? How we loved Friends and that style during that time, because Rachel was our everything-fashion inspiration. Consider this style the modern equivalent — only softer and more rounded. These gentle layers combined with the mid-length cut flatter any face, making you look like the 21st century stylista version of what Rachel was.

7. Vintage Side Part

Think about vintage and glamour and this look with come to your head. We have had our very own Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton donning this style everywhere. You get so much subtle glamor with the Old Hollywood side part and curls, and it works very well with mid-length hair. A deep side part with layers that hit just below the chin gives the glamourous chic, retro vibe that we all love.

8. The Stylish Updo

9 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Updo

Believe it or not, but up-dos are best made possible with medium length hair and any hairdresser will vouch for that. It allows for volume and movement and also makes your bun look sleek and elegant. All you need is some wispy stray strands to complete the look.

9. Laidback Beach Waves

Beach waves are something you can rock even when you are not heading for your next beach vacation. For a look that’s laidback and low maintenance, cut hair just below the shoulders and allow for loose waves to do the rest of the work. Work some wave spray or mousse into wet hair, and then use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to finish off the styling.

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