Best Methods to Remove Moles

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How are you all doing? I am doing good and today we would be talking about the best methods to remove moles. Moles are generally harmless but some of us tend to find them unattractive. If you also have moles on your face and body and wish to get rid of them, you can opt for one of these methods.


Freezing is a highly popular method that even top beauticians would recommend. Freezing your moles involves freezing the mole with nitrogen peroxide and then making it fall off. The process of freezing may leave blisters behind on the skin but it is an effective remedy to get rid of the moles. Make sure you pop in a pain killer before starting the procedure. Avoid picking or scratching the area for few minutes. Freezing cannot be done at home, so visit a good dermatologist for this method.

Laser treatment

laser treatment for mole removal

Another common yet popular mole removing process is laser treatment. Non-cancerous moles can be easily removed from the skin with the help of a laser. Due to the intense light radiations used in the treatment, the mole can dry easily. However, you will need to take at least three sittings to get rid of the mole completely. Laser removal should only be performed in a certified clinic under the guidance of an expert. Laser removal method is more expensive than other methods.


Yes, you read it right! Burning can be another easy way to get rid of the moles. The process of burning involves the use of a wire, which passes electric current, thus burning the upper layer of the skin along with the mole. Just one shot of the burning process is required to remove the mole easily. Burning of moles should not be performed at home as you may end up burning your skin. Burning of moles can be executed by a doctor under special guidance. Massage your skin with ice throughout the day to soothe the skin after the treatment. The doctor would use a numbing cream before the procedure but still it might hurt you.

Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

You can opt for an apple cider vinegar mask to get rid of the moles easily. Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with half a cup of clean water. Apply this mixture on the mole(s). Cover the mole with a bandage and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning. Repeat this process twice a day to get rid of the moles easily.

Shave excision

Shave excision is another mole removal surgery that gives guaranteed results. Shave excision cannot be done at home, but it can be done under the guidance of an expert. The doctor will numb the area and then use a small, sharp scalpel to shave the surface of the mole so that it comes off along with the skin. This procedure may also hurt and you must take a painkiller before the treatment.

Excisional surgery

Excisional surgery

If you have moles that are flat or malignant, your doctor may suggest the excisional surgery method for removal. In this method, the doctor cuts the moles out entirely and then closes the wound with the help of stitches. The stitches on the skin are visible for some time. This method also cannot be carried out at home.

Can moles come back after treatment?

In case a mole comes back after the treatment, there are chances that some cells were missed during the process, which led to the formation of the mole again. If done by experts, the process will give you 100 percent satisfaction.

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