Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

best moisturizer for dry skin

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Some days back I did an article on best moisturizer for oily skin. Now, I think, the time is ripe to talk about the best moisturizer for dry skin- a skin type that needs maximum moisturizing. The trouble with dry skin is, that its more sensitive to sun damage and easily looks dull when robbed of its natural oils. Makeup tends to dry out the skin a little more, and as a result, this type of skin ages faster than other types. That means you will notice fine lines, blemishes, dry patches, spots and dullness sooner. To avoid all these problems from occurring, one must replenish the moisture that dry skin lacks in order to keep it looking supple and quenched at all times. Hence comes the need to find a good moisturizer.

Some Good Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin Are

1. Cetaphil
2. Lacto Calamine with Aloe Vera
3. Lakme Fruit Moisture Range Moisturizers
4. Aroma Magic Almond Lotion
5. Lotus Herbals Sheamoist Shea Butter & Strawberry Moisturizer
6. Revlon Touch n Glow Creams
7. Loreal Hydrafresh Aqua Cream
8. Olay: Regenerist Microsculpting Cream
9. Oriflame: many to choose from
10. Lancome Absolue Night Treatment

TBS Body Butters, Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion, Garnier Body Cocoon, Vaseline Body Lotion, Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Cocoa-Butter Moisturizing Lotion are some good choices.

Natural oils are great for direct use. You can look for these as important ingredients in moisturizers when you are shopping for one, or you can use them directly:
soft smooth dry skin
• Jojoba oil
• Shea butter
• Cocoa butter
• Extra virgin coconut oil
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Canola oil
• Sesame oil
• Almond oil
• Mineral Oil
• Vitamin E Oil

Other important ingredients in a good moisturizer:
• Hyaluronic acid (also called sodium hyaluronate)
• Glycerin
• Lanolin
• Alpha Hydroxy Acids (lactic acid and glycolic acid are excellent AHA water binders)

Tips on Moisturizer for Dry Skin

1. Look for products that contain SPF. Sunburns can inflict terrible damage upon skin that is already dry. Dry skin needs extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
2. Consider investing in a humidifier. Air moisture levels drop significantly with the use of air-conditioners. In winters the climate is naturally dry and devoid of moisture. Using a humidifier to increase moisture levels in the air surrounding you will help your skin remain hydrated rather than parched.
3. Night creams are of great help to people with dry skin. These creams are rich in nutrients and are generally thicker and more moisture-dense than day creams. Cleanse your face well and apply night cream before you sleep and notice the difference.
4. Even dry skin can get clogged pores when you pile layers and layers of oil-based creams on it. Cleanse and scrub your face on a regular basis and use a hydrating toner such as rose water before you apply your usual daytime moisturizer.
5. Using mineral makeup and liquid-based foundations can help maintain sebum levels. Powder-based cosmetics left for a long time have drying effects.

Oil Cleansing: Deep-condition Your Dry Skin

We all enjoy relaxing at a spa or salon for a dry-skin facial and leave the place with nourished glowing skin. But you can get similar results by following these simple steps at home twice a week to replenish lost moisture:
1. Cleanse face with a face-wash formulated for dry skin.
2. Apply a mixture of 1:1 castor oil and olive oil all over face and neck and massage with firm circular movements in an upward direction. Do this for 7-8 minutes till you feel your face muscles relax and healthy stimulate blood circulation.
3. Soak a soft face towel in hot running water, keeping the warmth to as much as you can comfortably bear. Wring out excess water. Place it on your face and let it stay there till it begins to cool down. Wipe face with the same towel.
4. Wash the same towel under running hot water again and repeat the above process 3 to 4 times until your skin feels clean, but not totally dried out. It should feel free of excess oil, but supple and hydrated.
5. You may now apply your favourite night cream or two drops of the same oil mixture to moisturize your face.
6. Give yourself a good night’s sleep and wake up to refreshed youthful glowing skin!

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15 thoughts on “Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

  1. thanxx rati for this :thanks: .. i am using most of the tips except the 2nd 1.. but wud try the oil cleansing step too.. :waytogo:

    1. ohh sorry.. not rati but bhumika :yes: :yes: ….but did i read it wrong or rati did sum typoooo again :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  2. Hey Bhumycka :))

    Thanks for the post and even i have very dry skin. I’ll try out few things which you have mentioned here. :waytogo:

    Currently I am using face wash from Kaya and Elovera moisturizing cream. Night I apply olive oil and sleep. This works for me :preen:

  3. I loved this post Bhumycka. I have super dry skin and always look out for something that could keep my skin hydrated. My fav is blossom kochhar almond lotion. It works wonders for my skin. :worship: :worship: :worship:

    1. Hey Rati,

      Any idea where do we get blossom kochhar’s products in Bangalore. I am looking for their under eye cream from the time I saw your review, but not finding it. :weep:

      Please Help :pray:

  4. Hi Bhumi, nice review. BTW lacto calamine dries out my combination skin…another good moisturiser is the dramatically different one from clinique.

  5. Excellent post, Bhumycka! (Love the way you spell your name, btw.) I inherited dry skin from my mum (but sadly, not her really pretty looks :weep: ) and it used to be a nightmare to withstand the harsh north Indian winters. I love the oil cleansing method that you’ve described here and I’ve using it for 6 months or so. I can safely say that it has made my skin “normal-to-dry” from being “ultra dry”. :preen:

    As far as body moisturisation is concerned, I prefer body butters to plain moisturisers. And sometimes, when the skin is really flaky, I don’t think any expensive lotion can beat the regular coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. :toothygrin:

  6. Hi Gang,

    This is the first time I am writing my query here on IMBB. I am really impressed with all the thoughts and tips shared on this.

    I have a dry and dull skin with wheatish complexion and due to early morning bath with hot water, it has become drier.
    Can you please help me with the best moisturizer cream/lotion to be applied for the day and night cream to make my skin shiny?
    1 imp point is personally i like the type of creams/lotions such as Olay Moisturizing lotion which are not so greasy.
    Waiting for your inputs.


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