Where is the Best Place to Put Perfume on your Body?

A good fragrance can instantly lift your mood and confidence. But, while we carefully choose a perfume that gives us pleasure at every whiff, a lot of fragrances fail to last through the whole day, even the most expensive ones. Do you know that perfumes are activated by body heat and to make it last longer, you can apply it on right spots, also called “pulse points.” The pulse points are areas on the body where the veins flow close to the skin. Also, these spots emit heat, which can help fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air. So, before you spend a lot of bucks on expensive perfumes, read on to know some key places that will make your perfume last all day. In this post, we will tell you about the Best Place to Put Perfume on your Body.

Best Place to Put Perfume on your Body

1. Hair: Your hair is actually one of the best places to spritz perfume because perfume tends to latch on to fibres and since your hair is made up of fibre, the strands hold on to the fragrance well and leave a trail of scent as you move from place to place, but spray cautiously as the alcohol in perfume can dry out your hair. So, rather than spritzing the perfume directly on your hair, spray it on your comb and brush your hair with that.

2. On the Top of Your Ears: Spraying your scent of choice behind the ear lobes where pulse points are located will prolong the wear of the fragrance. But applying perfume on top of the ears can also make it last longer as this spot is oilier than ear lobes, and oil tends to hold on to the perfume better.

3. Collarbone and Decolletage: A couple of sprays on your collar bone and décolletage (neck, shoulders and back) will maximize the power of your perfume. The dips in the bone structure tend to retain the fragrance of the perfume for a longer period of time. Also, if you wear strap tops and plunging necklines, the fragrance will exude for longer from the exposed surface area.

4. Wrists: Wrists are pulse points that we rarely miss when it comes to perfumes. Since this area produces a lot of heat, it will amplify the perfume and make it last longer. For those who are expressive talkers, give the backs of your hands a gentle dab with the fragrance as well, to get your perfume noticed when you move your hands.

5. Inside the Elbows: If you are expecting a longer-lasting diffusion, then spraying the perfume inside the elbows is the best option for you. The inside of the elbows are also quite warm and serves to slightly obscure the smell in the bends of the arms. Make sure to moisturize the skin if you would like to further enhance the power of your perfume.

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6. In Your Belly Button: Yes, you read that right. The belly button radiates a lot of heat, which is perfect for the fragrance to spread better; actress Liv Tyler swears by this trick.

7. Behind Your Knees: The area behind the knees is perfect for summer, emitting your fragrance of choice with every crossing and uncrossing of legs. The backs of the knees are warmer and softer, and therefore more likely to project the scent.

8. Down Your Calves: If you’re wearing shorts or a leg-revealing dress, spritz fragrance along the inside of your thighs and calves. The friction between your legs as you walk will create warmth and emanate the scent throughout the day.

9. On Your Ankles: An area of your body that keeps moving perpetually is one of the places you should spray your perfume on. This will help the fragrance of the perfume linger through the air. So, before you slip on your favorite pair of stiletto heels, give your feet a blast of perfume.

10. On Your Clothes: Since perfumes stay longer when they are sprayed on fibrous materials, you should spray some on your clothing. Of course, this is not one of the pulse points, but it is definitely a great place to spray your perfume on to amplify its power. Pashminas and summer wraps are the best materials for spraying some perfume on since they would definitely not go waste.

Tips to Make Fragrance Last Longer:

  • Make sure that you invest in powerful perfumes that last longer. Heart notes of woods, ambers, and musk would last longer. These will linger on and on. However, if you wear citrus notes, they tend to fade away faster than the other notes. So, make sure you do not waste your money on such perfumes.
    As soon as you shower, your pores open right up. It’s the steam that does it and if you apply your perfume right after you came out of the shower, your pores will soak up the scent better and it’ll last all day. This is the best trick that you can try for long-lasting perfume on your body.
  • The scent will fade faster when the skin is dry. So, prepare your body by applying a fragrance-free moisturizer before spritzing your fragrance as this will help you get more bang for your perfume buck.
  • You can also help your perfume to go the distance by applying some petroleum jelly to your skin, and then applying your scent on top of that. The perfume droplets will cling to the petroleum jelly rather than sinking into your pores which can reduce or eliminate the need to reapply fragrance later in the day.
  • Layering products from the same line is another effective way to make a fragrance last. You might use the scented body gel, treat skin with the body lotion, and then spray the eau de parfum spray on top. The combination of products will help the scent to maintain fullness and extend throughout the day.


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