Best Pre Anti-Ageing Skin Care Tips and Routine

To all my beautiful readers in their late 20’s, this is for you! We all know that by the age of 40, we have wrinkles and fine lines because of ageing, but very few know that the process of ageing starts from the age of 25 called pre-ageing.  If we start taking care at this age, we can slow down the process of aging before those lines turn into wrinkles. There are many post anti-ageing creams available in the market, but hardly any brands focus on pre anti-ageing products.  The process of pre anti- ageing continues till the age of 35 and if not taken care, the lines around the mouth, crow feet at the ends of the eyes and dark circles around the eyes go permanent. Then, we look for face lift treatments, layer treatments, botox and what not, we are ready to even go under the knife to have younger looking skin, then why not start with simple home remedies from an early age.


Below are a few tips to control, slow down and fight ageing which includes skin care, diet and exercise regime.

1.  Face Packs:

  • Magical Pack (Works like a thermo pack).

The best skin tightening pack available is just for Rs. 30/-.  Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti), the question is how to use it, not only with simple rose water, but more. This goes with all skin types – normal, dry, oil, acne prone, sensitive and it works (jokes apart).


  • 1 tablespoon (level it with finger) Fuller’s Earth.
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  • 1 egg.
  • Hair color brush.

Method To Prepare:

Take a bowl, put 1 tablespoon Fuller’s Earth in it.  Now, add one large egg, mix it well.  Now, add 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix it well. This is a magical pack.

Method To Apply:

First, wash your face with a face wash. This pack will be a little messy, so stand near the sink to apply it. This method will require you to apply multiple coats. Start with the first coat on your face and neck, then lay down and let it dry.  Apply the second coat and let it dry. Continue doing this till the mixture finishes.  This will take 30 to 45 minutes.  After the last coat has dried, rub your face starting from your lower jaw to the cheeks. Do it all over your face and then wash it off with flowing water. Follow it with a toner and moisturizer.  See the glow, it would seem as if you have applied an expensive light reflecting foundation, believe you me! Apply it every week, fix a day.

Remember, do not apply the next coat without letting the previous coat dry, otherwise the pack will come off and it won’t work.

  • Skin Peel Off Face Pack:

This face mask not only helps to restore the tightness of the skin but also removes blackheads and dead skin cells. Egg white is a natural skin tightening mechanism popular in East to maintain their skin and keep the glow.


  • 1 Egg (separated from yolk).
  • 1 Tissue paper.


Method To Prepare:

Beat the egg white in a bowl. Take the tissue paper, put it on your face and create holes for eyes, lips and nostrils.

Method To Apply:

Apply one coat of egg white, now in front of the mirror, place the tissue paper on your face carefully, press it a little. After placing the tissue paper well on your face, apply the rest of the egg white and allow it to dry. Keep this pack on for 15 minutes at least.  After it dries off, mildly put the tissue paper, this will act as a peel off mask. You can see that the blackheads have reduced and the skin looks a tone lighter than before.  You can apply it every alternate day.

Body Massage:

Massage your body with olive oil every week. The process of massaging your body on your own is known as Ayurvedic Abhyanga. Massaging helps in blood circulation, therefore all the dark areas and patches on our body, be it elbows, knees, ankles, bump line, side curves all get even in tone. Massage also helps in getting rid of joint pains, arthritis, any skin problems. Olive oil also lightens the skin tone.


The two best massaging oils are Olive oil/Almond oil. We can add almond oil to olive oil to get benefits of both.

Olive Oil

Method of Preparation:

Take about ¼ bowl of oil and microwave for 15 seconds before going for bath. If require,  you can add a tablespoon of almond oil after heating olive oil.

Method To Apply:

Start with a small amount of oil in your hands, begin to gently rub the oil into your scalp. Massage the oil into your scalp and hair with your fingertips. Vigorously work down your body until the oil has been massaged into every part of your body. Use long strokes on your limbs and circular strokes over all your joints, chest and abdomen. Spend extra time on areas that are less integrated (for some this is thighs, buttocks, breasts).  Take ample time to massage the soles of your feet as this can have a particularly relaxing and soothing affect.  Rinse off the oil in the shower.  Avoid lot of massage during rainy season because of the level of humidity, but it’s the best regime to follow during winters.  Depending on feasibility, try to do it twice a week, I would suggest. If not possible, then at least once a week.

2.  Diet:

Let me let out a secret to you, always remember the code ACE OMEGA i.e. the fruits/vegetables that include ACE OMEGA in any form are good source of anti-ageing irrespective to pre/post.

Full form of ACE OMEGA: Vitamin A, C,E and Omega 3, 6 and 9

    • Green Tea:  It helps to cleanse the body from within. Start with one cup a day and increase up to 3 cups.  Green tea helps to slow the process of ageing and brings a healthy glow on the face. As it is an antioxidant, it help to reduce pimples, dark spots and dullness of the face naturally with no side effects and yes also helps to lighten the skin tone.

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

  • Salad:  Have a plate full of salads including cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, sprinkle a little bit of pomegranate on top and add a little bit of rock salt with a squeeze of lemon.  Cucumber is 75% water, therefore enhances the skin from within, tomatoes help in repairing dead cells and carrot maintains the hemoglobin factor. Lemon (vitamin C) and rock salt improve digestion.
  • Supplements:  Include supplements of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. We do not get sufficient amount of zinc, vitamin C and E in our daily diet, therefore it’s a good idea to consume them in the form of tables and capsules.

It has to be taken in 15 days on and off manner, i.e., mark the date you start taking these supplements and consume them for 15 days, then stop them for 15 days, this does not make your body habitual to it.

  • Flaxseeds:  Flaxseeds are easily available in grocery shops or supermarkets.  They are full of omega 3, 6 and 9 which reduces the ageing effect, keeps us from osteoporosis and for diabetics, keeps the blood sugar level in control. Take a spoon of flaxseed along with a glass of milk at the time of breakfast.
  • Fruits known for anti-ageing:  All sorts of berries are rich source of anti-ageing, namely strawberries; blueberries; cranberries; raspberries; gooseberries, grapes. Pomegranate and pineapple are also rich source of anti-ageing.  Introduce olive oil into your salad and nuts to your breakfast.

3.  Exercise:  Wakey Wakey! Exercise Time! Make this your alarm alert on your mobile. Wake up 10 minutes early, start exercising three days in a week, yoga is the best form which helps in detox, rejuvenate and helps in weight loss as well.

Breathing Exercise:  It’s a great way to weight loss, de-stress, detox and yes, helps in cleansing of system. Anulom Vilom, pranayam and Kapalbhati don’t take more than 5 minutes and yet very useful for the rest of our lives.

  • Uttanpadasana:  This asana helps in improved circulation of blood and doesn’t let wrinkles come on the face easily. Circulate the bowls and never let you face constipation, as a result you have clear and glowing skin.
  • Surya Namaskar:  It consist of 8 asanas, it’s a full exercise in itself. Learn it over Youtube and start performing not more than 3 sets. Start with 1 set and take to 3 sets.

Hope you enjoyed the article, your suggestions and comments are most welcome 🙂

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    1. Yea.. exercise is solution to every problem and yoga is the best. If you hate to exert then start with breathing exercise accompanied with 2 yoga asanas later increase.

    1. Hi Shruti – Right now I do not have an alternative to egg but u can use green tea and pinch of fuller’s earth once the layer dries build another layer. If ur skin is dry u can add a drop of olice oil to it.

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  2. I loved each and every point of your article,Mahek. I follow some of these and I am going to start with the rest of them now onwards…

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