6 Best Professions for Fashion Lovers

There is a popular quote about professionalism, “Choose the job you love and you will never have to work again”. This saying simply implicates the significance of a dream job in our lives. According to this fact, travel lovers should go for travel professionalism and those who like cooking should become a chef. Similarly, if a person loves fashion, then he/she should join the fashion industry. But, people often ask if it is the only career option for fashion lovers to become a fashion designer. Though, fashion designing can be a great choice but there are many other options, that a fashion fanatic can choose as a career path. I’m mentioning some of those options here.

Love to capture every single detail of style? If so, then fashion photography is the right career option for you. But, passion is not enough to make you eligible for this industry. Career consultants state that though this profession doesn’t require any specific educational background but you can join a course for professional photography in a reliable institution. And, you will be all set to fetch you dream job in fashion industry.

2. Styling Consulting:


Apart from fashion designing and photography, style consulting is also a great profession, where you can utilize your propensity for fashion. Responsibilities of a style consultant include, making fashion decisions for clients and suggesting them suitable attire as per their taste. In addition to this, style consultants also keep a track of latest trends and their popularity among the masses.

3. Fashion Sales and Marketing:


This might sound a little complex, so I am going to explain this with an example. Everyone knows Rachel Greene from ‘Friends’ who had a brilliant sense of fashion. Played by Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston, the character gets a job as an assistant buyer and has to work with vendors and designers. Fashion sales and marketing holds the similar job responsibilities. Along with this, the tasks also encompass company pricing, quality check, inventory management and purchase orders.

4. Fashion Journalism:


At present, fashion journalism is one of those occupations, that have developed drastically in terms of pay scale and recognition. There are certain platforms like newspaper and magazines, where fashion journalists are offered exciting salary packages. Fashion journalists have to attend events like fashion shows, clothing line launch or jewelry store openings from where they collect useful information for their readers.

5. Boutique Ownership:


If you are inclined towards the designing of apparels, then you can own a boutique and pursue your favorite job under your own boss-ship. With the help of contacts and strong PR, you can make your clients. Once you begin serving your initial clients with the best of your outfit collection, your boutique will start growing through the word of mouth.

6. Creative Advertising:

If you feel that none of the above mentioned option is apt for you and you wish to try your hands in an innovative arena, then you should consider the option of creative advertising. This field requires nothing but passion and a bunch of ideas, that can represent things in unique ways. Those who are interested in this profession can join courses like integrated mass communication or specialized advertising from renowned universities to make a bright future in advertising and marketing.

These are some of the choices that you can take into consideration, while selecting the fashion niche as your career path. Though, all girls are blessed with an ultimate sense of fashion but, if you have a knack for styling, then you should definitely look up to these options. I am sure after choosing a desired career option, Mondays will stop haunting you.

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