22 Best Skin Care and Makeup Solutions for Oily Skin

Here is a compilation of all the reader’s queries covered on IMBB so far regarding oily skin. There have been some awesome inputs from the readers of IMBB. You may click on the headings of the queries below to go through the solutions.

1. Face Wash For Oily and Sensitive Skin: Ask IMBB

What cream or face wash is best to use for oily skin and for sensitive, acne-prone skin?

2. Best Alcohol-Free Toner For Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

which is the best toner for oily skin, preferably alcohol free. I have terribly oily skin with whiteheads, so I’m looking for a toner which could help diminish the whiteheads.

3. Day Cream for Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

I want to know about a good day cream for the face for summers. I have combination skin, which in summer, becomes dry around the lips and on the jawline. Whatever I use, my face tends to look oily after some time. This is the reason I do not use sunscreens or precisely any other thing on the face during daytime because they make my face look oily. I use only FabIndia rose water, but I want to apply a day cream What kind of a cream should I use, should I go for a gel type of a thing?

4. How To Work with Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter For Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

I am 36 years of age and have an oily skin. The problem is that I have open pores and when I apply makeup, especially a blush or a bronzer or even a highlighter, I feel that it settles into them. Could you please help me with this. I don’t get a finished look even after hours of trying, I am so desperate, please do give me your suggestions.

5. Summer Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin
I want to know skin care routine for Oily skin in summers. Also, please suggest some good moisturizer for summers. I have very Oily T-zone and loads of black heads on my nose. Have tried Tea Tree Toner from Bodyshop and the same from Fab India also but nothing is working

6. Night Cream For Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

I am entering my late 20s and want to start using a night cream. I have oily skin, so kindly help me to find one for my skin type. All those that I see online are not suited for oily skin.

7. Moisturizers For Oily Skin

I am getting bored of using the same old Clean and Clear Moisturizer for oily skin and want to change to some good moisturizer, which would not break me out but at the same time moisturize the skin enough so that I could easily blend in foundation. Please suggest both budget and high-end moisturizers.

8. Makeup for Oily to Acne Prone Skin : Ask IMBB

I have extremely oily skin which is prone to acne.

Here’s my office makeup routine: I wash my face with FabIndia tea tree face wash in the morning. I use FabIndia rose water as my toner. I then mix lacto calamine and lotus sunscreen and use this as my moisturiser. I finally apply lakme rose powder.

This gives my face a matte look upto 1 pm. So post lunch I blot my face with a facial tissue and reapply the lakme rose powder. No issues so far.

But when I start home at 6 pm, I notice my face’s very cakey and looks super dark.

Am quite confused as to how to sort this out. Should i wash my face post lunch? But i’ve read so many articles where they lecture that we shouldn’t do it more than twice and it might increase production of

Else shall I try wet wipes?

Oily skinned beauties pls help me out. Would be more helpful if you girls could also share your office makeup and touch up methods.


9. Foundation for Oily Skin & Wheatish Skintone : Ask IMBB

It’s wedding of one of my family member.Me & my husband would be sitting for all the rituals. So just want to know what kind of foundation should I purchase and I sweat a lot. I want to go for some budget options like Rs 200- Rs 300

I have oily skin & wheatish color tone.. Beige color suits my skin tone.

Should I purchase a compact or loose powder?

After going through IMBB I decided to buy

  • Lotus Herbals Naturablend My Perfect Tint Foundation SPF-15 (Review HERE) OR
  • Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Matte Glow Daily Foundation SPF 20 (Review HERE ) OR
  • Lotus Natural Blend Swift Makeup (Stick Foundation) Review HERE.
  • Or should I go for Lakme invisible foundation Review HERE
  • Or the Lakme Nine To Five Flawless Creme Compact Review HERE and HERE ?

Please help as i need to go shopping ASAP….. please….

Also what kind of lipstick color would suit me?

Currently I am using Lakme Enrich lipcolor classics 254 Grape matte but it makes my lips look black.

10. Mineral Powder Foundation for Normal to Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

I have Normal to Oily skin (oily T-zone). I am currently using a liquid foundation. Would mineral powder foundations work better for oily skin? If yes, I was planning on picking up the L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation Powder. If there any other choices in powder foundations, I would love to know.

11. Makeup and Skin Care for Oily Skin : Ask IMBB

[ My Face shape: Round. My Skin tone: Fair. My Skin type: Combination. My Hair and Eye colour: Dark Brown]
1) Which is the best foundation for combination skin in the market at present? [Budget: upto Rs.1000]
2) Which is the best matte and glossy lipstick for fair complexion? (Kindly recommend the colour shades as well)[Budget: upto Rs.1200]
3) Which is the best blush and bronzer for combination skin? [Budget: upto Rs.800]
4) Which is the best khol? (Have tried from chambor to lo’real.. practically everything!!) [Budget: upto Rs.900]
5) Which is the best Make up remover (liquid or face wipes) ? [Budget: upto Rs.600]

Your answers would be of great help! Awaiting your reply!

12. Lakme Foundation for Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

Could you please explain me the difference between LAKME Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Foundation & LAKME Nine to Five Flawless Makeup. And is it good to use foundation daily .

Is it good to use foundation on daily basis ? Can you please suggest me a good foundation for an oil free skin.

13. Indian Wedding Makeup Suggestions for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

I’m a regular reader of your blog from October 2010. I din’t even remember how i stumbled upon your blog, coz i forgot what i was searching for after entering the You-will find-anything-you are- searching -for blog. You might have heard it from so many people, but i have to say it one more time. . . It’s really amazing how you turned your passion in to a beautiful work.

I’m a skin care person basically and a complete novice in makeup. But lately as my skin started behaving on its own and i couln’t find the reason. I’m getting married in early months of next year and my current concern is about my makeup. I got engaged in May of this year and i trusted the MUA for makeup then and it’s my biggest mistake. With my skin behaving on its own and me having no rite makeup products with me, it turned into a night mare. I don’t want the same thing to be repeated in my wedding. That’s the reason of this long email. There is this “wedding Makeup Suggestions” by Sakshi on “Ask IMBB Gang” post already…but the reason i’m again asking for it is

I’m 25; Bride to be; oily skin and acne marks (cursed with them after engagement . My mom feels its because of the prods used by MUA on my engagement.), and i want the suggestions for products ,medium fair.

My Query : I’m looking mainly for basic Makeup products like foundation, Compact powder, blush and lipstick. It’s going to be a loong wedding and my makeup needs to be stay on for 8 hours, barely with any touchups. I’m looking for MAC, but would love to follow your suggestion. My skin type is : oily skin and acne marks, medium fair. So please suggest some products acording to my need.

14. Best Face Mask for Combination Skin/ Wrinkles

What are the top 5 masks (Not Homemade ) that you would get for skin brightening?
Skin Type: Combination
Would be happy if the mask fights of wrinkles.
And specify the range and where/how you guys bought it.

15. Best Oily / Combination Skin Compacts under Rs 300 : Ask IMBB

I would like to know the names of some compacts under Rs.300. I have combination to oily skin type.

16. Foundation for Oily Skin under Rs 300

I am a 23 old student and simply love to look good like every girl on this planet .
1.I have oily skin and I am prone to acne. I am very new to this world of makeup and whatever knowledge i have gained its all because of you, After reading good reviews about Lakme perfect radiance compact i
thought of buying it & went to NewU bt the SA told me there that i should not use it as i ahve oily skin and 1 or 2 acne. I got confused and didn’t get it..Is it so? Should not I use any compact on my face?
Please sugest me..

2. I want to buy a daily foundation for my face which gives a good coverage. Please suggest me something which will suit on my skin type & also my Budget( Max.300)


17. Cream and primer for oily skin

I’ve been a tomboy and only from the past 1-2 months I’ve started to turn girly

I’m a 20 yr old gal.

I would be very grateful to you if you can answer to a few queries of mine:

My skin is really fair but I’ve a lot of facial hair- black in color- and blackheads on my face which really ticks me off. I’ve a superb oily skin. Even if I wash it off properly with a face wash, it gets oily after 20 mins+ it also gets dark inspite of my very fair skin tone. It has acne + Lots of Facial hair which I get bleached + Blackheads.

In winters I used ‘Visions Peach me perfect cream’ from oriflame on my skin regularly for college or going elsewhere. But I can’t use it in summer since it’s very sticky n oily. So please tell me a substitute for it which stays on my face nicely for atleast 6 hours. If possible, avoid telling those who price exceeds Rs.500. But then again, tell your best one which suits my price range n needs. Please tell me about a good primer too.

If possible tell those good ones which are easy to use since I’m new to these.

Also, please tell about good eyeshadows,which are long-lasting for basic make-up which are not costly.

Sorry for this trouble.

Hope to get a reply from you soon!

18. Best Blush for Oily Skin:

I am planning to buy a blush for the first time.Could you suggest something good for the first timer.

I have a oily skin.I generally moisturise my skin with olay and apply a loreal mineral foundation,then followed by kajal/liner and a lippy.So little bit skeptical to apply blush to office.

19. Gel Moisturisers for Oily Skin

Could you please let me know about some gel moisturisers for my face, as I ‘ ve an oily/combination skin! Almost all the cream ones gives me a white patchy look ! Am currently using Aviance visible radiance gel and am quite happy with it. But the con is that it is not available in market. Now it is really tough for me to get it..So I’d like to try something new…Hope you can help me!!

20. CTM for oily skin :

I have small issues with my basic CTM process as i am a house wife(4 time being) and have a different routine than most you(read as working women & students).
I clean my face with a face wash while in shower (i think everyone does the same), tone with rose water and moisturise(ofcourse not when my skin is really damp) and head for my daily pooja followed by cooking, end of which my face gets greasy. (i have an oily / combination skin). Now i again follow the CTM process. I almost have the same routine in the evenings and i moisture my face with a night cream in the evenings and repeat before going to bed.

Now my doubt is:
1. I am concerned about doing the whole CTM process 4 times a day (twice in morning & once in the evening & once at night before hitting bed). And if i am going out in between 5th time. Because of this my oily zone is getting more oily & dry zone super dry. I suppose washing face more than twice a day is not advisable. So please help.
2. Regarding night cream, is it ok if i am applying it in the evening say around 6pm or is it to be strictly applied before going to bed.

21. Best Foundation for Oily Skin and Photographs

I am to attend a party indoors at night, I use revlon colorstay foundation which in flash photography shows my face ghastly white.I have been told it is due to the spf in the foundation.Please suggest me a good foundation which looks good in photos.(I have a oily skin.)

22. Makeup for Oily Skin:

I am very fond of makeup and specially eye makeup but every time I get it done from an expert or myself I end up looking like a dark oil cake.

I have an extremely oily face and wheatish complexion.

If you can please suggest a right foundation and other products suitable for my skin type.Also I read one of your blogs in which you stated the procedure for applying foundation-moisturizing+ creamy foundation followed by some other foundation and lose power .I actually wasn’t sure if it would be ok for my skin type.Please let me know what is good for me.


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  6. hi ..i have oily skin ..nd also have a prblm of pimples.. nd dere spotsss… nd i want to knw dat which foundation ,or smnthg i can apply to hide them on my face in function, or party.. i want to get out of dis prblmss plzz help me……

  7. I m 20 yr old girl. my skin is oily. plz suggest me nice lakme cream. which suits my skin and feel my skin glow for many years….plz reply soon.

  8. hai am subha..I hav a combination skin(t-zone)..am having dark circles due to my studies..My face skin tone is wheatish to dusky tone..my skin becomes lighter tan and dark,when goes out before sun…My face and hands becomes darker now..Now my face becomes dull,dry and oily in some areas..I need a perfect home remedy and a foundation,concealer,compact,face pack and mask,scrub,bleach,home treatment,face treatment and brightner either in lakme or lotus herbals or any gud brands….

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