Best Spots For Small Tattoos

Hi ladies,

Not all of us have the courage and pain tolerance stamina to sit through the hours of needle piercing on our skin. Some of us just want to get a tiny tattoo on a body part that would look super cute and will not hurt much. Small tattoos do not take much time and are great for those who really want a tattoo but do not want to go through too much of hassle. Let me tell you the best spots for a small tattoo and also some design ideas.

On The Shoulder Back:

Best Spots For Small Tattoo

If you want to show off the cute little design in those halter necks and tube tops, then you can choose a design on your shoulder back. Although, the care for your new tattoo on the back will be a bit of a hassle but a small tattoo heals quickly.

Design idea:
Small flowers with tiny intricate designs.

On The Inner Wrist:

inner wrist


Inner Wrist is a great spot for small tattoo designs. The pain will be tolerable on this place and your tattoo will heal very quickly on this area.

Design idea:
Any word or any cute feminine design.

On The Collar Bone:

collar bone

You can tolerate the pain level on your collar bone. This is a spot for those really tiny and feminine designs.

Design idea:
Little star, butterflies or shapes.

Around The Ear:

around the ear

This is a great spot for small and feminine tattoos. If I ever get a second tattoo done then this would be my chosen spot. It is going to really hurt here though!

Design idea:
Small statement or design.

On The Ankle:

on the ankle

If you do not want to show your tattoo every time you step out of your house, then ankle could be a great spot to get inked. The pain will be on the higher side on your ankle.

Design idea:
Small intricate designs and ornamental tattoos.

On The Inner Arm:

inner arm

Tattoo on the inner arm looks very feminine and sexy. It is also less painful than other places o your body.

Design ideas:
Names, inspirational quotes or words.

On Fingers:

inner arm

This spot is a rage nowadays. Tattoos on fingers look appealing and fashionable. This is going to hurt on this place as it is all bones and no flesh.

Design idea:
Arrow, heart or initials of your loved one on your ring finger.

Across The Rib Cage:

rib cage

I have a very small tattoo on the right side of my rib. It is the first initial of my boyfriend’s name. It really hurts here! If you want a tattoo all for yourself or for your spouse, then this is the place to get one.

Design idea:
Initials of your secret love or if you have higher pain tolerance then you can go for a full sentence or the full name too.

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10 thoughts on “Best Spots For Small Tattoos

  1. Rib cage one looks super sexy! And awwww… you have your boyfriend’s initial. That’s really romantic. I wish I come across a guy someday whose name I would want to get tattooed too. 😛

  2. Actually, inner wrist, swells up like crazy and hurts, so does the foot. Take this from a girl that has the upper half of back down to elbow tattooed!

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