16 Best Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy For New Moms

For most women, motherhood is a new phase in their lives. It’s a natural process for women to gain weight during pregnancy; while some women lose weight during the breast-feeing process initially, some don’t gain much weight, but some do put on a lot of weight during and after pregnancy. For women who are finding it difficult to shed post-pregnancy weight, here are 16 Best Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy For New Moms to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

Lose weight after pregnancy

1. One of the best ways to lose weight is to workout with your baby. Many moms find it difficult to spend even 20-30 minutes to go for workout because they are extremely busy. In such cases, make your kid sit on a baby chair and workout in front of them and let them see you and enjoy. Play music and they will be entertained and you can workout without much worry.

2. Delete all Food Delivery Apps: Keeping such apps on your phone may tempt you to give into cravings and order food from outside often. Limit eating out to once a week and you will see the weight dropping with completely home-cooked food.

3. Exercising may not be an option for every new mom out there, many don’t find time and some do not feel motivated enough. Hence dieting is the best way to lose ample of extra pounds. Rati the owner of IMBB, lost ample of weight with her diet plans and a lot of women have lost weight through the programs, so you can also try our Rati Beauty app for best diet plans!

4. Crash dieting is not a healthy way to lose weight because once you get back to your old eating habits, the cravings and binge eating would return. Keep a food journal and make goals for yourself – write in your diary that “I will skip cheese”. Follow it from now on and tick everyday when you do it. Keep adding such food items to the journal and skip them every 2 days, such goals will keep you motivated.

Best Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy For New Moms

5. Do surya namaskars every day, start with 5, go up to 12, and finally reach 20 surya-namaskars in a day. It will help you to lose weight and also tone the body.

6. Take your baby for a walk in the park on the stroller so that they get fresh air and you can walk along, burning calories in the process.

7. Do not eat large meals because you are hungry or have some toddler tasks to do! Keep a target of 5 meals a day and eat smaller meals so that are you are full, without the need to binge on additional food.

8. Indulge in household chores. If you are a cleanliness freak, sweep the floor, clean your shelves, mop the floor. Keep these 3 tasks for a day and household chores can help you do activity and lose a lot of weight also.

9. This is not scientifically backed, but many claim that nursing and breast-feeding for long can help you lose excess water weight from the body itself, so continue doing that.

10. Drink as much as water as possible! This helps to flush the toxins out. Drink 1 liter of water jar and mark timings on it, for example, 8 am, 9 am, 10 am and so on! Make sure you finish that water by that time.

11. When your kid is a little grow-up, like 3 or 4, engage in outdoor sports and activities with your kids to keep them active. Your kid will be happy and you will be happy to lose weight. Make it a habit to play 1 hour with your kid outside.

12. Keep a check on how many calories you are consuming per day.

13. Replace any one big meal of your day with salad or oats! It can either be lunch or dinner, try it for lunch if you feel very hungry during the dinner time. If you can replace the dinner with a salad bowl, nothing can beat that.

14. Eat at least four hours before bedtime. Do not skip on the nutrition as you have an infant and need all the energy and nutrition. For a snack after dinner, eat something healthy, such as carrot sticks with peanut butter or apple with peanut butter.

15. Limit sugar intake as much as possible! Eat natural sweeteners like jaggery, etc.

16. This is not possible at times and doesn’t seem realistic, but reduce your stress, it has adverse effect on your weight. Have a happy pregnancy phase, the happier you be, the more you will be motivated to lose weight.

Also all the new mommies out there, do share your tips for post-pregnancy weight loss that have worked for you.

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