Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection

By Smriti Prabhat

If you are a regular reader of IMBB, chances are that your makeup collection overfloweth! There are products we all buy impulsively and hold onto because a) they were expensive, b) “they would be useful one day” phenomenon and c) let’s face it, we’re hoarders, we like hoarding! However, the more junk you collect, the more difficult it would be for genuinely great products to surface when you really need them. So, it’s time to spring clean your makeup bag. Here are a few tips to help you through this difficult and terrifying ordeal! *serious face*

Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection

Trust The Expiration Date and Replace

Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection2

This is a basic tip that would help you a lot. If you have the original box, check for the expiration date and throw away everything that is dead. Your unboxed products have a little “open jar” icon at the back that has a number next to it. This is the shelf life of your makeup product. Use it to know when the product is to be dumped.

If You Haven’t Used It More Than Once, Chuck It

No matter how many products you have, the good stuff will make its presence known. When I was spring cleaning my collection, I discovered items that I had forgotten about and they still had a couple of months left. When I tried them, I realised that I hadn’t used them because they were useless impulse purchases that didn’t suit me.

It Made You Break Out Before, It Will Do So Again

Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection1

Even the most expensive of makeup products can make you breakout in the worst way possible. This is why that perfect shade of foundation is lying at the bottom of your makeup drawer and it is time you transferred it to another home. No, not necessarily the bin! But, if you can’t find any awful ingredients, donate it to a friend whose skin isn’t as problematic as yours. Do warn them about your experience, though.

Restock What Is Lost

I also found a lot of empty jars and bottles in my collection and kept them aside. Later, I reordered them and then threw the empties away. If there is something that is empty, don’t collect its tin corpse in your makeup bag. Restock it and throw it away!

Invest In A Storage Unit

Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection3

If you have so much makeup that your drawers are difficult to close *pointed cough to self*, it might be high time for your to invest in a storage unit. Choose something that would allow you to put your best products on display and at the front. The little but enough used products can go at the back. Also, find smaller storage units for your lipsticks and colour palettes to ensure that you can get to them easily.

It is possible to get overenthusiastic with spring cleaning, but hold on! Don’t throw away all those lipsticks if they are not expired yet, even if you haven’t used them in a while. Believe me, you will regret it. Same goes for eye shadows. If there is something that you don’t like or use anymore, consider giving it away instead of dumping it. Repeat this spring cleaning routine every year and you would be good to go! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Makeup Collection

  1. Just realised I too have some corpses in my collection. 😛 This is a very useful and fun article Smriti and most of us need it. I have lots of lipsticks but I use only a couple of them. :/

    1. I just gave away 15 of mine because i don’t use any lipstick that isn’t pink or peach but i was a lipfactory beauty box subscriber until the last 6 months…my cousin is having such a good time 😛

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