10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup

By Manali Ashok Gokani

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I have written this post to discuss about the best tools that can be used for blending makeup. Blending makeup makes a great difference in terms of looks and is one of the most important aspects of makeup application. Blending leads to better coverage overall and makes you look flawless at the same time. It also provides various options such as mixing of different colours for your eye shadow application, as well as cover-up and concealer applications. Behind every flawless complexion or dramatic smokey eye is a makeup pro with an arsenal of blending tools and here below is the list of best tools, you can use for the same:

Best Tools for Blending Makeup 22

1. Foundation brushes:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Foundation Brush

The foundation can be applied using fingers, but a brush or sponge can help blend better. There are various types of brushes that are used for application of foundation such as:
a) Flat Brush:
It is generally used for liquid foundation which is thick; using flat brush makes it easier and quicker giving flawless results.
b) Stippling Brush:
It is used to achieve a soft, airbrushed effect as a foundation brush.
Apart from this buffing brush or even a sponge can be used for blending the foundation.
Recommendation: Makeup Academy F2 Foundation Blending Brush, Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush, Real Techniques Foundation Brush

2. Eye Shadow Brushes:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Eye Shadow Brush

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When it comes to eye makeup, blending is the key. There is availability of so many brushes of different sizes and shapes and this creates confusion when to use which one. And whether do you need every type of blending brush? Well the answer is No, you don’t need them all but a few wouldn’t hurt which are:
a) Basic Lay-down Eye Shadow Brush:
It is used to apply eye shadow all over your lid. It is flat, rounded and dense.
b) Crease Brush:
It is used to put shadow into the crease of your eyelid. It has a rounded or pointed tip to fit your crease.
c) Blending Brush:
It is used to blend out the edges of your eye shadow and blend with different colours.
Recommendation: For blending, Artdeco Eye Shadow Blending Brush or NARS Eye Shadow Brush. For shading and detailed work, M.A.C.239 Eye Shader Brush

3. Makeup Sponges :

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Sponge

It is a tear-shaped sponge that is used wet to create an airbrush finish without the airbrush. Here below are its different types and how to use them:
a) Teardrop:
It is the basic and standard type used for application all over the face. The smaller side is used for more precise application and the larger side for all over the face.
b) Pear:
Works same as teardrop but the grip is better.
c) Sculptor:
It is basically used when the application of foundation is heavy.
d) Spade:
It is used for concealer and precise application of product on smaller areas.
Recommendation: Kleancolor beauty blending sponge is affordable and has the perfect curve design for precision.

4. Blush Brush:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Blush Brush

Blush brush can be of different shapes such as rounded, tapered or angled. Rounded brushes are good for applying blush all over the apples of cheeks. Tapered brushes are used for precise application or small cheeks. Angled brushes can help you contour with your blush. Blush brushes maybe dense which will lead to heavier application or fluffier in which application will be lighter.
Reccomendation: Dolce and Gabbana The Blush brush is smooth, soft but a little expensive, in that case you can go for Kiko Milano Face 103 Blush Brush.

5. Concealer Brush:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Concealer Brush

Concealer can be applied with fingers, so using a brush is optional but brushes are more precise. Flat brush can be used for under eye concealing and a fine point brush for spots. A small, dense buffing brush can also help in blending the concealer.
Recommendation: MAC 195 Concealer Brush has the perfect shape and dense.

6. Powder Brush:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Powder Brush

If you use powder, you will need powder puff or a powder brush. Powder puff is better as compared to powder brush that helps in even application of the product leaving a flawless look. You can also use a setting brush for under eye application of powder.
Recommendation: Kabuki Brushes from Ecotools or Nars Powder Brush is good for powder application.

7. Blending and Bronzing Brush:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Blending And Bronzing Brush

Any fluffy, medium-sized brush can be used for bronzing. Blush and powder brushes can be used for bronzing. Recommendation: Ecotools Blending and Bronzing Brush as it is reasonable, soft & dense.

8. Highlighting Brushes:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Highlighter Brush

A fan brush helps in light application of highlighter and can also be used to brush excess powder or eye shadow fallout off your face.
Recommendation: Stigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush

9. Contouring Brushes:

To have great cheek bones, that give both a polished and fierce look, contouring should be done in the right manner. It is also effective for jaw and either sides of the nose, giving an overall stylish look.
Recommendation: Ecotools Deluxe Fan Brush is dense and soft giving a flawless look.

10. Smudging Brush:

10 Best Tools for Blending Makeup Smudging Brush

There are many eye shadow brushes that are used for giving a smokey look using the eye shadows, which I have mentioned above. But in case, you want a smokey or soft look using the liner or kohl, smudging brush can be used.
Recommendation: Morphe M508 Smudger Brush

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