5 Best Treatments for Hair Loss Due to PCOS

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PCOS has become a very prevalent problem for the modern generation. Be it due to our unhealthy lifestyles, food choices or anything else, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects our health and beauty in major ways. Cystic acne, facial hair, weight gain and thinning hair – each of these problems badly damage our self-esteem and confidence. A comprehensive treatment is necessary to control PCOS and its symptoms. Find a reputed endocrinologist, gynecologist, and dermatologist to revamp your lifestyle and target your concerns. In this post, I will discuss the main issue related to PCOS, which is hair loss and how you can control it.

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Why does hair thinning occur?

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Hyperandrogenism is a condition where your body produces too many androgens or simply male hormones. While androgens are naturally found in all women, excess production can cause acne and oily skin. Also, hair follicles are sensitive to androgens, and they can also decrease the growth of hair on your scalp and increase the growth of hair on your body. This is what happens in PCOS.

The treatment for hair thinning can be complicated and may vary from person to person. As I mentioned before, it’s imperative finding right doctors to start the therapy. Some major treatment methods for PCOS are mentioned below.

1. Oral medications:

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Based on doctor’s recommendation, you may be prescribed hormonal medications. These are typically anti-androgens which can control the excessive activity of the androgens. These work by stimulating hair growth follicles and preventing hair loss. Also, oral contraceptives may be prescribed to combat the hair fall problem. Again, these medicines may have side effects. So never self-prescribe based on the internet searches or meds your friends may have taken.

2. Natural Supplements:

Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are the backbone of a healthy diet. But, the junk and processed food that we consume leave no room for nutrition to even sneak in. To ensure that you are receiving enough vitamin B complex, magnesium, iron, and zinc, you can try some natural supplements like:

Biotin: A daily dose of 8 to 10 mg biotin can boost hair growth and help you fight with dramatic hair loss.

N-acetyl Cysteine: It is helpful in reducing testosterone and improve insulin resistance in PCOS sufferers. In fact, not only does it prevent hair loss, it also helps to deal with hirsutism or unwanted facial hair.

3. Topical hair treatments:

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To stop hair loss and aid in new hair growth, doctors may recommend topical medications which need to be taken regularly. These may include drugs like Minoxidil or Spironolactone. They, however, do not target the root cause of hair loss, which is hormonal imbalance, and thus, may not be beneficial for long-term treatment.

4. Natural remedies:

Natural Remedies PCOS hair loss

A hot oil massage every week can boost circulation and stimulate hair follicles. These remedies are safe and can not only prevent excess hair fall but also nourish hair and improve hair quality. Besides, you can use amla, bhringaraj and hibiscus hair packs to strengthen your hair from the roots.

5. Reduce hormone and toxin intake:

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Reduce processed food intake. Opt for organic foods which have lesser toxins and pesticides. Whenever possible, try to cook instead of takeaways. Try to consume minimal dairy products, and look for products where no hormone injection has been provided to the cattle. It’s difficult, but you can slowly start doing it. This will help you make better food choices and keep PCOS in check.

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