Best Types of Footwear to Team Up with Sarees

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Hello beauties!!! I think you all will agree with me that ‘Saree’ is one of the best Indian attires, which can give you a traditional, sensual, gorgeous and elegant look. Saree has versatility. You can find many designer sarees for every occasion. A properly draped saree, beautiful combination of accessories, good hairdo and makeup together helps to get a sensational look at any occasion. One may think that it is easy to get away with any pair of footwear with a saree because the footwear is not visible. I have also read conversation between ladies on Madam Gupshup that what kind of footwear is suitable for a saree? So, I felt I must write about this, as I personally had a very hard time to find perfect footwear with sarees. So read on girls, I am going to give some great footwear options that can easily go with saree.

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Spice Up Your Saree Look with Sexy Stiletto Heels:

Best Types of Footwear to Team Up with Sarees

Stiletto heels are the most versatile type of footwear, they can go with any apparel. Some women are not comfortable with stiletto heels but, for those who are, this is a great option for you. You can buy stiletto heels matching with your saree or you can get some shimmery golden and silver stilettos, which you can pair with any type of saree.

Be Ethnic with Traditional Kolhapuri Heels:

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Kolhapuri chappals are famous nationwide for their ethnic designs and embroidery. It gives a really funky look when paired with jeans or chudidar. But, this is also a great option to pair with saree. Make sure that your saree is a traditional one and the heel height should not be more than 2 to 3 inches.

Get A Pretty Look with Peep-Toe Heels:

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Some think that a footwear should not be visible with a saree, but when you will walk so it is going to be visible. Still, even if they are not going to visible, do you not want to pair up your saree with the right footwear? Peep-toe heels are very feminine, cute and the way your toes peep out from them, looks very sweet. Make sure you get pedicure done and put on nice nail paint. Choose a 5 to 6 inch heel and a color that matches with your saree.

Glam Up with Strappy Sandals:

Best Types of Footwear to Team Up with Sarees 5

These type of sandals are strappy in nature. You can find numerous designs and colors in the market. You can buy the one that has glitter work in golden or silver hue. You can also find some sandals, which have crystal and sequined worked. These shimmery sandals can glam up your whole look, instantly. Make sure the heel is of right height. It should not exceed 2-4 inches.

Mesmerize Your Look with Mojri:

Best Types of Footwear to Team Up with Sarees 6

Apart from Kolhapuri heels, you can also choose embroidered or studded mojris that has a slight heel. Choose the one that has some extra bling with crystal and stones.

Some Tips to Remember:

  • Always drape your saree with the selected footwear, so that you get an idea of edge length of the saree.
  • Try to wear heels with saree because they make your outfit look better and also keep your saree’s edge clean.
  • Make sure that the heels are not shown under the hem of a saree. Drape your saree low waist to look sexy and hide the base of heels.
  • Choose footwear according to the theme of your saree and not its color. For e.g. red footwear on a red saree will make you look like a clown. But, if your saree has silver embroidery then you can wear silver footwear. In the same way, if your saree has pink polka dots then you can choose pink footwear.
  • Avoid wearing flats with saree as there is always a chance that you might trip over on the heavy pleats.
  • Do not wear sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters with your saree under any circumstances as they can disturb your look totally.

So girls, the next time you wear a saree, never go wrong with the footwear. Make sure you maintain your chic look with the right pair of sandals. Stand tall and look beautiful in your sizzling drape.

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  1. peep toes are my personal favourite too… but with the many garden parties i have to wear sarees to,i have ended up spoiling 3-4 beautiful pairs of mine…thanks to the heel sinking into the ground every time i take a step…..
    so for me, it the good ol wedge heels…which look good as well,provided u choose an appropriate design

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