Best Way to use Ubtans

best way to use ubtan

As much as I like using Forest Essentials Ubtan, I always get lazy in using it. I have normal to dry skin so I always have to mix it with milk. And honestly, even though I had never been really satisfied. I love using it with milk or water but I always felt there was something missing. 

I use cleansing oil regularly – sometimes to remove makeup and sometimes as a final cleanse. After using the cleansing oil a few weeks back, I thought I’d try mixing it in ubtan. I mixed a bit of oil and water in ubtan and it worked like a charm. Not only I got a thorough cleanse for my skin. It left my pores and skin very clean. Plus there was no dryness at all.

I HAD to share it with you all! :)) Give it a try. :)) It might work for you. I am not sure if it would work with regular oils because sometimes oils can clog your pores. But you can always try doing it. 🙂

Another tip would be to mix ubtan in cleansing milk. Since cleansing milk is also a cleanser, it would help in cleaning your pores. Check out full list of Best Cleansing Milks HERE.

Some good cleansing oils in market are

best way to use forest essentials ubtan


14 thoughts on “Best Way to use Ubtans

  1. This is so interesting and I love ubtans for their old world charm, and also because I am into natural skin care products. Need to grab a good cleansing oil now. 🙂

  2. oh great! After enough motivation i also started using cleansing oil and must thank you and IMBB for introducing me to this innovative concept as I love every bit of my skin ever since cleansing oil became vital part of my ctm routine :hugs
    Now i am def gonna try this ubtan next yay!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Ratiji,

    You are always, innovative and thanks for sharing this beautiful secret with All! I am the most laziest for this stuff, but will try for sure….. A great combo of an age old skincare secret Ubtan to be mixed with branded oil cleansers and get more effective results WOW! Thanks again

  4. This is such brilliant idea Rati! Thank you for sharing this 🙂
    I love FE narangi one but as you said too lazy to use it sometimes…will pakka try this now

  5. Hello Rati Mam,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful secret with All! You are always innovative and creative. What a thoughtful blend of an age old skincare regime to be mixed with modern cleansing oil, to get best results! Wow! Thanks again! I am writing this comment again because my earlier went into moderation… Don’t understand.

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