Which is Better Ionic or Ceramic Hair Dryer?

Nowadays, hair dryers are made of different elements and advanced technologies to improve its efficiency without damaging hair. Since there is a whole lot of variety and technology when it comes to hair dryers, people find it difficult to choose the right hair dryer as investing in the right one will pay you back with huge benefits and you will give you perfect blowout with minimal hair damage. Since ionic and ceramic hairdryers are so popular nowadays in the market to give a frizz-free, sleek finish in less time, we have compared the two and estimated the best one. So, read on to find out which is better ionic or ceramic hair dryer. It is worth understanding the technologies behind the hair dryers to find the perfect one for your marvellous mane.

Better Ionic or Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ionic Hair Dryer:
Generally, standard hair dryers use a common technique of simply blowing hot air which can dry wet hair whereas ionic hair dryers use an advanced technology, where these dryers built an electromagnetic field and release negatively charged ions. These negatively charged ions break the positively charged water molecules and lock the hair cuticles such that the moisture gets preserved within it. This moisture helps your hair to look shiny, smooth and sleek.

Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryer:

  • Ionic hair dryers use a lower temperature to dry your hair at faster rate.
  • Curls are retained.
  • Locks the moisture within the hair and makes hair shiny and frizz-free
  • Ionic hair dryers do not damage the hair when used sparingly.

Disadvantages of Ionic Hair Dryer:

  • Ionic hair dryers are not safe for regular use and long duration of time because they build an electromagnetic field which may be harmful.
  • Expensive than other traditional and ceramic hair dryers.
  • Not suitable for styling.
  • Not suitable for very fine and thin hair as it may be left limp and tired-looking.
  • It’s easier to over-dry your hair at times which can damage your hair.

Ceramic Hairdryer:
In ceramic hair dryers, the ceramic material which is also called as porcelain clay is used within the hair dryers either as a wrap on the heating coil or within the internal part of the dryer. These dryers distribute heat evenly which does not make hair rough and damaged. It also regulates heat by automatically sensing the room temperature and adjusting accordingly.

Advantages of Ceramic Hair Dryer:

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  • Dries hair evenly with even heat.
  • Produces beneficial infrared rays.
  • Does not burn your hair.
  • Good for both styling and hair drying.
  • Makes your hair smoother, shinier and bouncy.
  • Apt for regular users.
  • Locks the hair cuticle and remains the moisture within the hair.
  • Produces negative ions which help in removing frizz from the hair.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Dryer:

  • Expensive than traditional dryers but added benefits make it worthy.

By understanding the technology behind both dryers, we can conclude that ceramic hairdryers are better than ionic hairdryers because ionic hairdryers build an electromagnetic field to emit negatively-charged ions and this electromagnetic field is dangerous for long time use. However, ceramic hair dryers are much safe and less expensive than ionic hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers also emit non-damaging infrared rays which help in blood circulation.


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