Beware! You Should Absolutely Avoid These Dangerous Beauty Practices

What we do in the name of beauty? Although most of the times all the beauty things we do are safe but some beauty practices can really backfire on us. Some of them could be potentially dangerous for our well being too. Let’s find out about them as prevention is always better than cure.

Dangerous Beauty practices

Waist Training Corset:  We all want the slimmest of waist but not everyone of us do proper eating and exercising to achieve it. Some of us resort to unsafe measures – one of them being waist training. This practice is all about attaching a corset like device to our waistlines to give it an inhumanly shape. These corsets are not only comfortable, they can be really harmful in the long run. They can create shortness of breath and can also cause severe rib damage.

Kim Kardashian waist training

Unsanitary mani-pedis: We take utmost care in selecting the place where we will get the beauty services done but if the beautician is not vigilant and does not provide hygienic and sanitary mani-pedis, like unclean tools and tubs. then that could result in fungal infections, bacterial infections and even permanent disfigurement of our nails.


Bikini wax:  This is not exactly a dangerous practice, but if you have very sensitive skin, then you can end up with skin infections and also allergies. If the hot wax drips down to the labial region, then it can cause cuts and burns too. Trust a certified professional for bikini waxing.

Gel Nails:  Some of the beauticians use gel that is not up to the quality and that can damage to your nails. The gel used is set by exposing nails to UVA rays and that can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Tanning beds:  People still use tanning beds even though there have been several warnings against them. They can lead to premature ageing and also can lead to skin cancer.  So, do take every safety measure when opting for tanning beds.

Tanning bed

Chemical peels:  Although they are not harmful if you get them done by a professional, but if you fail to follow the precautions, then peels can cause permanent scarring, persistent redness, uneven skin tone and darkening of the skin.

Brazilian blowout:  We all crave for those shiny, straight and frizz-free tresses, but if you have sensitivity towards beauty products, then Brazilian blowout may not be ideal for you. There are several side effects including irritated eyes or skin, skin infections, headaches, hair fall or difficulty in breathing.

 Brazilian blowout

Sharing Makeup:  We all must have shared a lipstick or two with our best friend in the rest rooms. But, it is never a good idea to share your makeup with anybody. You can easily pick up germs and infections from usage of other people’s makeup.

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    1. Jomol, tanning beds are popular in western culture coz of their desire for the sun kissed look. More importantly, they are also used for treatment – or rather relief – from eczema and psoriasis.

      1. I’ve seen tanning bed in a movie named Final Destination. It shown so horrifyingly ther. Now you too pointed out that those are ACTUALLY bad for us. Thanks

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