Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette Review

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I read some reviews of Beyoncé Heat Rush, sniffed it at the mall;the next day picked it up on my way to buying groceries. 🙂
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Product Description:

Beyoncé Heat Rush is a fruity floral fragrance that is luminous and vibrant with a dewy delicacy at the same time. It captures Beyoncé’s bright sensuality; it’s young, fresh, and joyful.
Fragrance Notes
Top: Passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian Cherry.
Heart: Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and Orange Hibiscus
Base: Teakwood, Honey Amber and a Musk accord that is inspired by the sunsets in Brazil


Rs.5400 for 100 ml
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My Experience with Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette:

The first time I tried it on in the mall and I could smell its lovely warm fruitiness all afternoon and loved it. The base of the bottle is deep orange and as we go up the bottle is goes clear. It’s a very fruity scent; in fact fruits dominate the fragrance. It does have other ingredients but it is practically pure fruits notes that I can smell. It is quite sweet like candy sweet; not the creamy sweet which is good for summers. The top notes I can smell are are cherry, passion fruits, blood orange. All these are very juicy,sweet fruits. I can’t pick any dominating fruit in it though. The smell doesn’t change from the time to wear it. It’s pretty straight forward, what you spray is what you get. It starts off very fruity and sweet and pretty much stays the same.

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The other flowers are hibiscus and mango blossom. Mango blossom is fruity-floral but tranquil by all the sweet juiciness. I don’t smell any teakwood or musk. Amber makes it sweet to smell. Now what starts off as a very juicy fruity sweet turns into a faint fruity juicy sweet. Nothing really changed, it has just lessened in intensity. It isn’t a bad thing, I like the way it smells. It is quite a simple perfume, nothing complicated. It is very good for a warm summer day, very casual, tropical and has passion fruits. It is a happy fragrance which uplifts the mood and is carefree. The top note eventually fades but they are the only things working in this perfume, they stick around for a long time.
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The best time to wear it is summer and spring. It’s definitely a day time fragrance, not an evening or formal scent. As for the lasting power, the fruits stay around for a while. It’s a typical of any fruity fragrance to stay for a couple of hours and not the whole day. This is an EDT so the concentration is less and does not last as long as an EDP. I think it’s a really nice scent and I am very happy with my purchase.

My Likes about Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette:

• Notes of passion fruits which is my favorite fruit.
• Fruity sweet smell.
• Smell does not change at all.
• Lovely for a warm summer afternoon.
• Not too much of an in-your-face perfume.
• For a fruity sweet smell, the staying power is good .

My Dislikes about Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette:

• Expensive.
• For some, low staying power might be a con.

Would I recommend Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette?

Definitely yes, but if you don’t like fruity sweet smell, skip this

Would I re-purchase Beyoncé Heat Rush Eau De Toilette?

Yes, but only at a cheaper price if possible.

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  1. Oh my god the top notes will make me crazy.. they are all my favourites and i am fruity fragrance lover 🙂 have used the purple one from beyonce 🙂 it lasts super long and smells awesome 🙂

  2. Mimosa, I have become too lazy to go out particularly for shopping so most of my shopping is done on my way to buy groceries. Now I have stopped taking my credit cards because the groceries bill is way too less and I end up spending a fortune.

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