Beyu Fun and Style Quattro Eyeshadow 88 Review

Beyu Fun and Style Quattro Eyeshadow 88

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Today I will review some beautiful shades of BeYu Quattro eyeshadow. These are four beautiful shades from dark to light range. The packaging is transparent so all the beautiful shades are visible from the cover. There is wide variety of shades in Fun and Style quattro range. I liked these shades as I was not having any purple and pink eye shadows so I chose this shade number.


Company claims: The palette of four complementary shades makes various looks possible, taking your look from natural to dramatic and anywhere in between! The fine powder eyeshadow with discreet glitter particles applies evenly with a texture that is silky to the touch, and allows dramatic as well as natural looks. More intensive shimmering colors can be achieved when applied with a wet applicator. The eye shadows are perfume free.

Price: Rs 650/-

My experience with BeYu Fun and Style Quattro Eye shadow 88:

The pretty four eye shadows come in square shaped transparent packing. The shades are visible from the transparent cover. The cover is imprinted with the company’s name. The shades come along with the applicator which is just like any normal applicator, soft and smooth and helpful in applying the shades. The shade name and number is printed on the back. The shades contain a little bit shimmer as well. Although the shimmer is not very much visible when applied over eye lid.

Starting with the darkest, it is a purple shade with least shimmery content. The lightest one is silvery. The second darker shade is warm pinkish purple colour while the other one is very light purple. The shades are bit shimmery. But as I said, they do not appear that much shimmery when applied. The simmer is subtle and gives a very sober look. They don’t have any fragrance. If applied over naked eyelid, one need to apply more quantity and the retaining power also weakens. I always apply them after applying base. Over base the shades glow in their original colour and stay for 4-5 hours very decently.


The pigmentation is good even if applied without base but with a base it appears better. The eye shadow appears very light over the eyelid. The texture is smooth fine power which blends very easily with the skin. The colour fades evenly so there are very less fall outs, which you can ignore. The four shades give you full freedom to experiment with your look. You can create innocent to bold look, whatever you want. They can work as daily wear eye shadow to party look. The range of shade is awesome. The lightest one can be used as highlighter for a party look.

They claim that it can be applied with wet applicator as well but I never tried for it as I prefer to apply as it is.

Pros of Beyu Fun and Style Quattro Eyeshadow 88:

• Classic transparent packaging.
• Soft and silky texture.
• Good pigmentation.
• Fragrance free.
• Great range of colour, from dark to light.
• Subtle shimmer.
• Decent staying power.
• Fades evenly.
• Very less fall outs.
• Can be applied with wet applicator as well.
• Wide range pallets to select.


Cons of Beyu Fun and Style Quattro Eyeshadow 88:

• May be overpriced for some.
• Contains paraben.

Will I repurchase/do I recommend:

I will recommend you to buy as there are so many shades to choose or if you are in love with these pretty shades of mine.

My ratings: 4.2/5

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