BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review

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Hello everyone!

Finally, after a month’s wait, this cuteness overloaded brush set, sponsored by IMBB, arrived at my doorstep. BH Cosmetics Brush Sets have always gained thumbs up from me because they are good quality, comprehensive and affordable. BH Cosmetics launched Pink-A-Dot brush set and Pop Art brush set, both immensely cute enough to get hold of with the first salary. 😀 Let’s review my IMBB gift.

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review5

Product Description:
This super soft 11 piece synthetic brush set has a great variety of both complexion and eye brushes and is cruelty free! The bonus Deluxe Fan Brush included is a great brush for bronzing the chest or body. Featuring quirky and cute polka dotted brush handles, this set comes wrapped inside its own adorable matching cylindrical hard case that snaps up for quick travel and looks stylish on a makeup station or counter top!

Brushes Included:
• Deluxe Fan Brush
• Powder Brush
• Angled Blush Brush
• Classic Foundation Brush
• Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
• Classic Shadow Brush
• Flat Eyeliner Brush
• Angled Shadow Brush
• Small Smudge Brush
• Tapered Eye Liner Brush
• Lip Brush

$29 – excluding taxes and shipping costs.

My Experience with BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set:

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review

The Case:
BH Cosmetics Pink-A-Dot brush set comes in a cylindrical, hard case which is great for travelling,  to store and keep the brushes in vanity. The perfect case not only makes travelling with the brush set easy, but also keeps the brushes stored hygienically safe on vanity. The design of the case is pure love; pink with black polka dots. The packaging is a bit heavy, yet it includes 11 brushes, a combination of five complexion and six eye/lip brushes, which makes it worth keeping along. It closes tight with the help of two straps with buttons; so you never need to worry about bristles being bent while travelling.

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review1

The Handles, Ferrules & Bristles:
The case and the brushes, both are really cute, pretty and girly. The handles are black with pink polka dots. The length is perfect and the golden ferrules hold the bristles firmly. There is no shedding of bristles. The bristles are super soft and carry velvety feel. All the brushes have good density, shape and design. After wash, they retain shape and softness. Washing and drying is easy and drying time varies as per the brush density.

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review2

Powder Brush: The round, dome shaped powder brush is dense and perfect for a flawless application and dusting of face powder. Also, it can be used for a natural looking buffing of blushes and bronzers.

Deluxe Fan Brush: This is so unique and a main attraction for those who look ahead to the next level of contouring : body contouring. Best utilized as highlighting brush for collar bones, this dense brush is a must-add in the collection.

Angled Blush Brush: This proved to be dense and very handy one for my blushes. The angled shape helps and blends the blush within no time for a perfect look.

Classic Foundation Brush: Though I never use classic foundation brushes, I tried my hands on this for review purpose and was happy I did do. This one opened new doors to make use of this brush for my liquid foundation.

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review3

Tapered Eyeliner Brush: I literally hate the skinny, lean eyeliner brushes; for me they are useless. I was thrilled to see a tapered eyeliner brush in this brush set. Trust me, nothing can be better than this from a drugstore brush set.

Flat Eyeliner Brush: This one is so handy for all gel liners for every type of eyeliner look you wish to achieve.

Angled Shadow Brush: Any person familiar with eye makeup will realize that an angled brush for eyeshadow application gives a little more precision than a flat brush and this one is no exception.

Small Smudge Brush: This cute brush is a master at smudging eyeliner without leaving any space for mistakes. And thankfully, it isn’t a sponge!

Classic Shadow Brush: Simply love this classic shadow brush for saving my time. It fills my eyelid area with desired shadow with minimal strokes.

Tapered Shadow Blending Brush: Surely this brush set comes with some innovations in the shape of bristles. Let it be the shadow blending brush this time, which is also tapered. The fluffy one makes the shadows blend like butter. Worth a pick!

Lip Brush: The lip brush is a regular one, yet very workable as it has good density of bristles.

BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set Review4

Overall, this brush set is one good investment for all beginners, amateurs and those who love collecting brushes and experiment with makeup often. With a reasonable price tag, the case you get and the combination of brushes deliver value for money which you spent on this beautiful brush set.

Pros of BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set:

• A comprehensive brush set with five face, five eye and one lip brush
• I’m happy it doesn’t include a brow brush or a useless spoolie
• Silky and soft bristles with great handles and ferrules
• Cute, girly and attractive packaging
• Travel safe case
• Reasonably priced

Cons of BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set:

• None

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase BH Cosmetics 11 Pieces Pink-A-Dot Brush Set?
Yes, I would recommend it. This will last me years, so I am looking forward to some other brush set from the brand.

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  1. I love how cute the entire set looks! It is such a great concept that it comes with its very own storage unit. Great to know that it’s not just about good looks, and the quality is superb too.

  2. I saw this online and was so tempted to buy this. But I was confused about the quality of the product. Now your review has made it all clear and I am gonna grab this cutie soon.

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