BH Cosmetics 12-Piece Wild Brush Set Review

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Hello all,
I’m so happy to review this cutie here. I’ve been eyeing these brushes ever since I saw them online and finally today I own them! Let’s get started already!


Price: $25 (on BH Cosmetics website) or 4999 INR (on Flipkart). There’s a sale going on both the websites, so you can grab these for half the price.

Product Description:


My Experience with the BH Cosmetics 12-Piece Wild Brush Set:


First of all, can we all just take a moment to adore the ubercute and girly packaging? It’s such a lovely shade of pink without being too pinkish plus the animal print just adds to the already cute packaging. There are two snap buttons to unbox set. And there are my prized possessions! Each of the 12 brushes are wrapped in plastic, which I don’t intend to throw away. It’s much easier to store the brushes in their individual plastics so they don’t get dust or anything on them.


The selection of brushes is awesome! You get 4 brushes for the face, 5 for eyes, 2 for eye brows and 1 for the lips. So for a beginner in makeup, this one kit is good enough to practice. Plus each of the brushes comes numbered.
The brushes are long enough, and not like the other brush kits where they give you a set of brushes but they are tiny. The brushes are so extremely soft and silky! They are easy to use and easy to clean. For the price, I think the quality isn’t compromised. It’s difficult to achieve good packaging as well as good quality while maintaining low cost, and BH cosmetics nailed it!


Let’s get to the actual brushes now:
1. XL Powder Brush: The shortest and chubbiest brush of all the brushes. I use it to powder my face and neck. It’s a good brush and it takes less time to powder my face since the brush is so chubby.
2. Tapered Contour Brush: Perfect for contouring the cheeks to give a fake chiselled effect.
3. Blush Brush: It’s not the angular blush brush, but a normal blush brush.
4. Highlighting Brush: It’s a bit chubbier for a highlighting brush. I’d prefer a fan brush to this, but it’s a good addition to your collection.


5. Tapered Blending Brush: I’ve been wanting a blending brush since forever and I’m happy to get this one. It blends out the shadows easily.
6. Medium Shader Brush
7. Small Shader Brush: The medium shader brush and this one look exactly the same except the former one is slightly bigger than the other. These brushes are great to deposit colours on the lid.
8. Bullet Smudger Brush: Nice addition to the collection, you always want something on your lower lash band. This brush makes it easier to smoke out the shadow.


9. Tapered Liner Brush: Easy to use it for lining your eyes with shadow or eye liner.
10. Angled Brow and Liner Brush: Perfect for filling in the eye brows or for the gorgeous winged eyes!
11. Lip Brush: I lost this brush! But it’s a nice brush for applying lipsticks and glosses in a perfect way.
12. Spooley Brush: To comb out the eyebrow hair and make them look even and fuller.


Pros of the BH Cosmetics 12-Piece Wild Brush Set:

• Packaging – nailed it!
• Travel Friendly.
• Not at all bulky.
• Cute pink and long brushes.
• Very soft bristles.
• Good variety of brushes.
• Easy to clean.
• Good quality.
• Affordable price.




IMBB Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict: Go buy them while they are on sale!

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