BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

I always wanted a good brush set and finally I got a chance to pick this BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set. Thanks to IMBB, they gave me this opportunity and I am super happy. Recently I am using this set a lot and finally I decided to pen down my views on this. They have different kinds of brush sets and among them I chose this compact signature brush set and it works flawlessly. Read on for more details.


Product Description:
Classy and chic, this 14 piece brush set is big on style and sophistication. This gorgeous cruelty free set features super soft synthetic hair and a wonderful variety of both eye and face brushes. Long glossy white and gold handles sit pretty inside the XL size white brush cylinder that boasts our signature BH Cosmetics pattern in gold and snaps tightly to travel or store on your countertop or vanity.

Price: $30 on official website. (I got it for Rs. 2499).

My Experience with BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set:

BH Cosmetics Brush Set comes in a beautiful white cylindrical leather case which opens from the middle. There are two straps on the side with buttons which help shut the case. Packaging is absolutely amazing and it feels like a luxury case. I can store my brushes here and it also acts as a brush holder. It can be easily placed on my dressing table. It is a bit heavy as it contains 14 brushes but it is easy to carry around without mess. Each brush is also covered up with a plastic packaging for hygienic reasons. I am so impressed with the packaging.

BH Cosmetic Signature Brush Set

This set has 14 brushes: 5 complexion brushes and 9 eye and lip makeup brushes. Combination of brushes is really great as it serves all purposes. Each brush comes with a white handle along with a golden border which holds the bristles perfectly. Length of the handle is perfect and it is easy to work with. Bristles are extremely soft and black in color. Brushes have a smooth velvety touch which glide on face like a feather. Let’s describe the brushes individually.

all brushes

face brushes

1. Powder Brush:
It is the fluffiest semi round brush in this set and it works nicely to apply powder on face. Usually I prefer a bigger brush as a powder brush but I can also work with it nicely. It also works nicely to apply bronzer and blush.

2. Flat Contour Brush:
It is a flat top round dome shaped contour brush which is actually a perfect brush for smoothly applying foundation on face. It blends the contour shade smoothly but I prefer it as a blush or foundation brush. It helps to set my makeup nicely.

3. Domed Buffing Brush:
This is my most favorite brush among all. It is a nice fluffy round dome shaped buffer brush which is great to apply foundation. It blends liquid foundation smoothly and gives an even coverage. It is also works well as a blush brush.

4. Small Contour Brush:
It is a small round contour brush and it blends the light contour products nicely. I also use it to apply concealer on my under eye area and it also works well to apply under eye setting power. I find it to be a multipurpose brush. It is a small brush which is easy to use in a smaller area.

5. Angled Blush Brush:
It is an angled blush brush but it is a bit small to blend the blush perfectly. It works nice as a highlighter brush. I also use this as a face shading brush but it is not the best one to apply blush on cheeks.

definer brushes

6. Tapered Blending Brush:
This is small tapered blending brush which works really nicely to blend all the shadows smoothly on eye lid. It has the perfect quality of bristles which gives an even blending effect without much effort.

7. Crease Shading Brush:
It is a strong dome shaped small crease brush. It is so easy to define crease with it and it blends products nicely. It also helps to apply the perfect amount of shadow at the outer corner of eyelids.

8. Large Flat Shadow & Concealer Brush:
It is a flat shadow applicator which nicely applies eye shadow on eye lid. It also helps to apply powdered shadows nicely on eyes and it blends them smoothly. I also use it to conceal my lip area or highlight my brow bones.

9. Medium Flat Shadow & Concealer Brush:
It is also a small flat shadow applicator. It applies shadow nicely. With this, I can easily apply highlighter shade under my eye brows and I can apply shadow on lower lash line with it. It is so easy to apply concealer in a small area with it.

10. Tapered Smudger Brush:
This tiny round smudger brush works amazingly to blend shadow on lower lash line. It also helps to apply highlighter shade on inner corners of eyes. It helps to smudge kajal smoothly to create a natural smokey eye look.

eye brushes

11. Small Detailing Brush:
This is a normal small flat detailing brush to apply lip stick or define my lips. It works nicely and evenly applies the lipstick on lips.

12. Angled Brow Brush:
It’s a regular small thin brow brush which helps to fill up my brows nicely. It is little thin and small, so it takes time. I can also use it to apply my eye liner. It is works well to apply gel and powder brow product.

13. Bent Fine Liner Brush:
I love this brush a lot; it has a unique bent shape which helps to apply eye liner easily. I can create a thin to thick line with it and it works perfectly to draw a sharp winged line. It is the best brush to keep control on application.

14. Spoolie Brush:
It is one useless brush for me. I already have few brushes like this. But it does its job nicely to blend the eye brow product.

All the brushes have good shape, design and each brush has enough bristles. Quality is really nice and there is no shedding, even after wash. They retain their shape and quality perfectly even after two washes. They are easy to wash and retain their softness even after regular usage.


They are extremely gentle on skin and blend all the products evenly. They give a flawless makeup look easily. Each brush does its job superbly; only the blush brush is smaller than usual. So I can’t use it perfectly but definitely there are a lot of other ways to use that so I don’t mind. This brush set is a great compact set of brushes for face and eyes. It is a nice option for those who want a compact set and don’t want to invest a lot on individual brushes. If you are a beginner, then it is a perfect option for you.

BH Cosmetic Brush Set

Pros of BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set:

• Comes in a beautiful sturdy travel friendly case.
• Compact brush set with all kinds of brushes.
• Each brush looks nice and has perfect length.
• Super soft, smooth, velvety bristles.
• Feels dreamy soft on face.
• Has different kinds of brushes and they work perfectly.
• Brushes blend products smoothly and give a flawless makeup look.
• Perfect quality and nicely shaped brushes.
• Don’t shed even after washing.
• Retain shape after washing.
• Worth the price.

Cons of BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set:

• I couldn’t find any huge con; only blush brush is smaller than usual.
IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase BH Cosmetics 14 Piece Signature Brush Set?
This will last long, but I will highly recommend this brush set for all.

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  1. I have the sclupt and blend 2. Also vr nice quality for the price! No shedding, gets a bit denser after first wash, dont know why but its okay coz at first i thought they’re not dense enough. I’m considering this 14pcs signature set for the next. Thanks for the review.

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