BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set Review

BH Cosmetics 7 pc Faux Croc Brush Set Review

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Today’s review is about BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set. It was a gamble picking this up. There were no reviews on International blogs except a brief intro video, which was again useless! Anyways, I am writing the review so that you all can benefit from it :D. Let’s move on to the analytic dissection of the brush set 😀

Brush Set Description:
Our 7 Piece Brush Set contains seven different synthetic brushes that are essential for daily looks. This set includes 5 brushes that can be used to create eye looks and another 2 brushes for complexion. You can even reuse some of these brushes for concealer and brow application! The best part about this set- these brushes are extremely travel-friendly due to their compact size and case.

Brush set includes:
Angled Blush Brush
Powder Brush
Tapered Crease Brush
Large Flat Shadow Or Concealer Brush
Small Flat Shadow Or Concealer Brush
Lip Brush
Angled Liner / Brow Brush

$16.95 but on sale, I got it for $11.5 including the international shipping + custom duty.

My experience with BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set:

Let’s start with the packaging. The case and all the brushes inside were not only carefully placed but also packed in a plastic wrapping. It looked so neat and hygienic and saved the bristles from de-shaping. The brush set is called Faux croc brush set. It is made with synthetic bristles and casing material, shaped as the skin of a crocodile with purple and black theme . The color scheme is applied on the case and brush bristles too 😀

faux croc case
This is actually a travel type brush set with 7 pieces overall; two for complexion and five for eyes. The brush set is light weight and closes with a magnetic button. The case is sturdy and perfectly protects the brushes even in the roughest journey.


The brush set includes a Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Tapered Crease Brush, Large Flat Shadow brush which can be used as a Concealer Brush too, Small Flat Shadow, Lip Brush and Angled Liner & /Brow Brush. All the brushes are made with synthetic bristles. They have great quality plastic handles with BH Cosmetics logo imprinted on them. The thickness of the handle varies for each brush accordingly with the size of the brush. Let’s have a look on every brush in detail. Collectively, the bristles are soft and silky smooth. They give you a tender and feather light feeling on skin with absolutely no shedding of bristles even after washing.

Powder Brush: It has bristles packed in round shape with medium density of bristles. It works fine for powder application but I wish the density of the bristles were more. However , it can be forgived considering it a travel brush set. The brush can also be used for blush application and does great blending.

Angled Blush Brush: This is a really cute one with angled bristles. The brush has lesser bristles to blend out a blush. So it is better to use it for contouring. Overall, the powder brush can be used for blush application and angled blush brush for contouring. For powder buffing, sponges and puffs are always there .


large brush

Tapered Crease Brush: It is definitely a great brush to blend in eye shadows and to apply eye shadow on crease. No complains at all.

Large Flat Shadow or Concealer Brush: This one works perfectly for both purpose. You can keep it as a concealer brush and use the smaller one for eye shadow application. It can also be used for applying eye shadows on the lid. Either ways, it won’t leave you disappointed.

Small Flat Shadow or Concealer Brush: This proves to be an expert in reaching out to the nooks and corners of eye area to give flawless eye makeup. The brush will help you to apply a lighter shade on the inner corner of eye or even out the concealer perfectly. It is a multiple use brush which gives great results.

Lip Brush: I simply love this one. Be it a lip gloss or a lipstick’ this brush will always be on your side to help you achieve your desired look.

Angled Liner & /Brow Brush: The last one is a complete winner too. It can be used to get a winged eyeliner look or cat eyes or even a simple liner. This will help you in getting your brows done with a brow powder.

bh cosmetics 5 brushes set

brushes closeup

As a final summary, I would say this is a great travel kit, for beginners and experts. Even though, the complexion brushes need a little redesigning and increase in bristle density, but still they are of good use. I am happy with my purchase.

Pros of BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set :

• Attractive travel brush set with croc case and purple-black theme.
• Synthetic yet soft bristles, easily washable without shedding.
• Easy to wash and retain original shape after every wash and get dried up fast.
• Light weight, compact and travel friendly.
• All essential brushes to do a perfect make-up look.
• Includes 2 complexion and 5 eye brushes.

Cons of BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set:

• None except the density of complexion brushes should be more.

Recommendation and repurchase of BH Cosmetics 7 Piece Faux Croc Brush Set:
I have this one already which is going to stay with me for long; so there is no logic in repurchasing but I surely and confidently recommend it.


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