BH Cosmetics All-over Brush Review

BH Cosmetics All-over Brush

The All-Over Brush is a multi-purpose face and eye makeup brush, perfect for applying blush, highlighters, loose and compact powders, eyeshadow, and more! This soft round brush has natural and synthetic soft bristles that are tightly compacted.



Here is one helluva brush I regret not buying a back up of!This brush is such a unique size, not blending, not blusher but something in between and I love this brand for the size of brushes they have to offer.This one is an immensely multi-purpose brush which I am currently using for the wash of color all over lid, for highlight, from coutouring nose, for the jawline contour and blend and also for light blush application.Is it not fair that I need one more of this..or may be more…

The brush is smaller than a regular blush brush.It is on the rounded side and not the pointy side,the brush has super soft black bristles. The brush looks very pro and the handle of the brush also is the right size for me.I always look for smooth soft bristles in my brushes as the first step to liking it.This has impressed me not only with size but also with bristle quality, of course not to forget how versatile it is.This also comes with the guard and cover which I try to retain only for my fav brushes fro travel or stuffing them in the kit.
One thing you would like to note before you order it online is that the brush may look big enough for a blusher brush but see how it looks in my palm, this is the real size.The bristles have a slight round to them and that is the beauty of this as blending coutour powders and even apply blush lightly in between your highlight and your coutour is awesome with this .I love the precise application.
Another awesome thing about this brush is that it works very well with bar-like products when we always complain about not being able to pick up one shade out of bars or striped products.This one works amazing for getting the most of your megaglow like products.You can pick the highlight color and use, then go for the contour shade and then the blush shade from the same palette.You can carry this brush and carry a megaglow like product from travel and you do not need to carry blush, contour and highlight for your cheeks.
Having said that I did not notice any shedding of bleeding of color from bristles.I wash them with baby shampoo and often, and I also condition them, yes you can condition your makeup brushes with hair condtioner. Again, this brush too does not mention the use on the handle which is my only trouble with them.


IMBB rating:

4.9/5 I regret not having bought a back up of this-sized brush.

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  1. Already using this brush…. *happy dance* *happydance* …. Its a little wonder….. So good to know that u also like this…. And we can use hair conditioner on brush… Nice tip… Will definitely try it out….. Very very good and useful review Neha *clap* *clap*

  2. *woot* *woot* really u like it too? *clap* ww *puchhi* thanks arpita
    yes i learnt recently we can wash and condition makeup brushes *happy dance*

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