BH Cosmetics Blending Brush Review

BH Cosmetics Blending Brush


Equipped with impossibly soft, fluffy bristles, our Blending Brush seamlessly blends your most glamorous eyeshadow colors. Use this on your crease, brow bones, and cheeks. The ultimate effect is exquisite!

I realized I have almost the entire range of brushes from them which I had bought early in my makeup life when I wanted to invest in nice brushes and unfortunately like now, the brush situation in the Indian makeup market was average or below it.Hence I bought them all and believe me they are fantastic brushes for the price, super soft, come in so many sizes and so versatile.This brush for example if stunning blending brush and comes in a soft bristles, probably a mix of natural and synthetic bristles.

I have these and reviews will be coming soon;

Flat liner brush
All over powder brush
smudge brush
small smudge brush
classic smudge brush
highlighter brush

I bought two of them and have been using one for more than two years believe me and it has not given me a single trouble.I have a backup and now I will be using it to contour the nose and also to powder in hard to reach areas like under eyes.I am happy I have two of them.The brush is super soft and hardly sheds, in fact I cannot remember any shedding or bleeding at all.The color is professional looking and has a nice feel to it.
The only issues I have with their brushes is that they name the brand but not the use of the brush on the handle.It would have been awesome if they mentioned the use of the brush too.I have painted the bottom of many of my brushes but you can check the original new piece which is black in the picture 😛 The brush has a good handle and over these two years of usage, I have not noticed any breaking or cracking of the handle.
The shape is on the rounded side, it is not as slim as most other blending brushes. the brush is better for girls who have more lid area to work with.If you are into smaller crease work and blending, then this is not for you.This is for working over a larger eyelid area.Other uses can be to  apply your contour powder under the cheeks and blend it with this brush.You could apply highlight on the high cheek with this too. Also you could powder the side of the nose of the undereyes or apply contour powder on the side of the nose with a flat brush and then blend it with this brush, it is amazing.This blends well but remember if you are looking for some color on the crease then this might blend it too much and your color would vanish.

I am highly recommend their brushes and buy them in twos like I did.
IMBB rating

4.9/5 -no use mentioned on the handle .You will love the bristles and the softness and versatility of the brush.

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