BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette Review

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette Review

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I love blushes (but after lipsticks and BB cream:P). I have long fascinated this BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette and purchased it out of my curiosity and fascination, with blind faith and without reading any reviews on internet. This palette was with me for more than a month, but the hectic schedule of a job and home kept me away from penning it down. Yaaay! Weekend is here*happy dance* and I can write now. Let’s see how are the properties and swatches of these six blushes.

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette

Product Description:

Three duo blushes in one palette were custom picked for easy mixing and matching with any complexion. You’ll find rosy, peach and golden colors for year-round glow. Each of the three large pots contains two shades of matte and shimmer tones.


The actual price is $22.95 but BH Cosmetics has sales and offers going on round the year. It cost me around $15 or so with all shipping, customs and taxes for 33 gm (net weight).


BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette

Variants Available:

BH Cosmetics has 3 blush palettes; the Duo Blush Palette with 6 shades, the Glamorous Blush Palette with 10 blushes and the Professional Blush Palette with 10 shades of all rounder blushes.

My Experience with BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette:

The packaging is sleek yet pretty big in size. The duo blush palette comes in a matte black and sturdy palette, carefully bubble wrapped and with the blushes covered with a plastic sheet. There is no brush or mirror included. The absence of mirror makes it somehow lightweight, but there was no harm if they would have added it for plenty of space available on the inner side of cover lid. Due to the big size, it was difficult to click the images.

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette

The duo blush palette consists of three pans, each containing a duo of blushes, one matte and one satiny in finish. I am rather bad at defining shades, but I will give it a try. Phew! The pans are pretty large and let’s start from left. The first pan houses golden warm shades, basically leaning towards contouring type shades. The right side is a dark rose shade, muted and matte in finish and highly pigmented. This will make a perfect blush to go with darker lip colors and party makeup. The right shade is a perfect bronzer, with slightly satiny finish and really good at pigmentation. Moving on, the second pan is totally a sweetheart; a peachy pink matte blush with great pigmentation. The shade is easy to work on, without much effort or going over the top.

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette

This shade is accompanied by a satiny light peach, which isn’t chalky and will make a good highlighting shade rather than serving as an outstanding blush for Asian skin tones. The last pan includes a bright fuchsia pink shade. This is a pretty color, matte in finish and carries intense pigmentation, so be careful and keep a light hand. The shade is just perfect for winter looks. In combination is a slightly satiny light pink shade which can be used as a blush or highlighting shade. I love the way it looks on fairer skin tones for every day use.

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette

All these blushes can be used individually or can be combined to create a new shade; which means you get 9 shades in the palette to work with. The darker colors are crazily pigmented, the lighter ones don’t disappoint you. The texture is fine and silky smooth, well compacted in respective pans. There is no fallout in the pan. A nice blush brush picks up ample amount of product in just one stroke. The longevity is impressive and the darker blushes stay put for 7-8 hours ideally, lighter ones making it up to 5 hours even without a primer. I was unable to catch the actual colors of the blushes on the camera shots, don’t know why; maybe some setting issues or lighting make them look somewhat different and lighter shades look a bit chalky, but in reality, they aren’t chalky or that satiny. The satiny effect is muted to just a healthy glow, nothing more than that. So, I will request the readers to look at the pan clicks rather than swatches for proper interpretation.

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette:

  • A beautiful combination of six shades, 3 matte and 3 slightly satiny in finish.
  • Can be used to create at least 9 shades out of one palette.
  • Long wearing blushes with soft and finely milled texture.
  • Well compacted to avoid fallout in the pan.
  • Easily workable with a nice blush brush.
  • Great pigmentation and buildable shades.
  • Includes even contouring and highlighting shades.
  • Blends easily, making the application effortless.
  • Non-streaky, non-chalky texture.
  • Doesn’t enhance fine lines, no breakouts and does not accentuate pores.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette:

  • Contains parabens.

IMBB Rating:

4./5 (marks deducted for parabens).

Final verdict about BH Cosmetics Duo Blush Palette:

This is a worthy palette for the price. I think makeup junkies will love working with this, a thumbs up, I am loving it.

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