BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set Review

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Today, I am reviewing a makeup brush set and it’s from Bh Cosmetics. I like BH Cosmetics because it makes good quality products at affordable prices, accessible to masses. When it comes to brush sets from BH Cosmetics, they have never disappointed me and I am more than happy to pick one after the other from them. Today, I will share my experience with BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7-Piece Brush Set.

BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set

Product Description:
Line, define, shade and blend eyeshadow with our versatile seven piece Eye Essential brush set. A complete wardrobe of professional quality, synthetic and natural hair brushes. It offers endless options for creating any eye look that suits your mood, from soft and subtle to bold and bright. You will be the belle of the ball in the blink of an eye. Easy to clean brushes.

Details at the back

$18 (On sale, it is $10).


My Experience with BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set:

This brush set comes without a case, rather it’s packed in a cardbox labelled with all the description and details. Inside the box, each brush is safely and separately wrapped. For the first time, BH Cosmetics has labelled its brushes.

Brush set

All seven brushes have black handles and golden ferrules. The logo of the brand is imprinted on both the handle and the the ferrule, and the brush label is imprinted on the handle. This is great for newbies because it makes recognition of brushes easy. The brushes are made with both natural and synthetic hairs. All brushes have dense, soft and flexible hair bristles, safely enclosed in the ferrule. None of the brushes have shown any shedding. I have washed them twice and they dry really fast without shedding and retain their original softness and shape.

Eye makeup brush set

The eyeshadow blending brush (101) is one of my two most favorite brushes because of its shape and density. It has taken the place of my previous blending brushes. The second one is the large shader brush (102), with wider width to save time and strokes while applying color to the eyelids. The small shader brush (103) is one of the best ever tools for adding a shade to the crease area.

Eye makeup brushes

The angled blending brush (104) is a new addition in my collection and I absolutely love the flawless blending results that I get from this brush. This is the first time that I have heard about the pencil brush (105) and still trying to make proper use of this one. The fine liner brush (106) is ideally designed and does its job well. Since I am a felt tip liner person, I hardly reach out for this brush. The small angled brush (107) is precise enough to reach the corners without leaving margin for messy mistakes.

Summing up pros and cons of this brush set:

Pros of BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set:

  • Great quality eye brush set at a really good affordable price.
  • Soft bristles, made of natural and synthetic material.
  • No shedding of bristles.
  • Easy to wash, fast-drying brushes.
  • Bristles retain their shape and softness after every wash.
  • Classy black handle with golden ferrule.
  • Every brush carries a number and label for easy identification.
  • Compact eye brush set.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set:

  • No case included.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set?
Definitely recommend this brush set.  It is a great pick for the price and of really good quality. I will repurchase if required, but I am usually looking for newer products to try, instead of repurchasing the one that I have tried. Ciao!

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