BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go – 4 Piece Brush Set Review

Hello all,
I am back with another review and this time I got a cute travel brush set from BH Cosmetics. I have heard good things about their brushes which is why I picked this up during the sale season. Here is my review for these eye brushes.

BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go - 4 Piece Brush Set Review

Price: $6 (excluding shipping charges)

Features: Synthetic Brushes, Professional Quality, Easy to Clean, Versatile Use

My Thoughts on BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go – 4 Piece Brush Set:


This set comes with 4 brushes and a travel pouch which is quite handy. The brushes are quite small in size which I dislike but they are pretty comfortable for me to use.

blending brush

The first brush is a blending brush. It is quite dense and amazing to blend out any shadow in the crease. This brush did not shed post the wash and was quite easy to clean too.


The second brush is the shader brush. This brush does not pick up colour that well. It works great with matte colours but when it comes to shimmery shades, you have to wet it a little. I have used similar eyeshadows with other brushes and they work fine but with this one, I have to go back in the pan to get colour. I am not a fan of this brush but it is quite good. You can obviously change this brush when you are travelling if you dislike it.

pencil brush

The third brush is a pencil brush which is incredible. I used this for a cut crease look too and it works really nice. This brush is very similar to the Sigma E30 and if you don’t want to spend money buying that pencil brush, you should go for this one. Even though it is white, you can easily clean it off even if you don’t have a brush cleaner. Sometimes, I just use my hand wash or shampoo if I run out of a brush cleanser. It works just fine.

liner brush

The last one is a fine liner brush and I do not like it too much. I mean it works well for smudging the lower lash line shadow and for the tear duck but it is not good to make a wing at all. It is quite soft and not stiff at all. Usually liner brushes are stiff so that you can draw the liner flexibly but this one is not meant for that. Since there are no rules in makeup, I use this for my inner corner of my eyes to highlight.

bag open

Let’s sum up the pros and cons,

Pros of BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go – 4 Piece Brush Set:

• Easy to wash.
• Cruelty free brushes.
• Travel pouch is handy.
• Perfect set.
• All the brushes are quite good.
• Affordable.
• Soft bristles.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go – 4 Piece Brush Set:

• The shader brush is not really good.
• The brushes are small in size.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Recommend BH Cosmetics Eye Essential To Go – 4 Piece Brush Set?
I love this set and I will repurchase more brushes from BH Cosmetics for sure! Highly recommended!

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  1. that looks like a must have. i am always scared carrying my brushes while travelling because once i lost some of my expensive brushes. 🙁 but this has all the essentials, comes at a great price point and looks so handy… adding to my wishlist for sure. 🙂

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