BH Cosmetics Purple Kabuki Brush Review

BH Cosmetics Purple Kabuki Brush

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I am back after sometimes and enjoying my Eid holidays. Theoretically, this shall be the most appropriate time to write down reviews of all pending products but seems like my fingers are glued. I don’t feel like writing anything; but I have to so finally, I picked up something small and cute to review. After using the MUA F2 Stippling Foundation brush, I wanted to add a Kabuki Brush to my vanity. I had two options, either to go for MUA or chose one from BH Cosmetics and since I was ordering stuff from the later one, I picked this up. Let’s see how this works for me.

BH Cosmetics PurpleKabuki Brush

Product description: This smaller sized kabuki brush is perfect for applying your favourite blush, powder or highlighter, on the go! Pack this with you in your clutch or smallest cosmetics bag.

Price: $5.95 exclusive of shipping and customs; so the total cost varies from place to place. I got around for $8. The MUA Kabuki is priced at $6.

My experience with BH Cosmetics Purple Kabuki Brush:

BH Cosmetics offer three variants of Kabuki brushes; the purple one, the Red Kabuki brush with pouch and Gold Kabuki brush with tapered bristles. I picked up the Purple kabuki Brush, which came wrapped in a plastic cover but not a plastic wrapping/packaging. I wish it had its own plastic pouch atleast like brushes have, for safe storage and carriage. It is very light weight and small in size. With slightly taller than 1.25” and light weight’ it will fit in the tiniest slots of your makeup pouches. The bristle density is about 1-1.25 inch diameter when squeezed in finger tips. The base is made up of black plastic with BH Cosmetics logo on it. The purple bristles give it a cute look, girly effect and they are super soft. The bristles feel really silky and are of great quality. While you swirl it against your skin, it feels like velvet and feather touching your skin. There is no shedding of bristles; not even a single. The brush is easy to wash and dries in good time, making it ready for next day application.

Coming to the performance, the Kabuki brush does its job wonderfully. The soft bristles actually pick of good amount of product so this is a positive point when you are applying a finishing powder. The dome shaped fluffy bristles work efficiently in bluffing and blending your face powders. For contouring or blush application, one might need to tap off excess product while working with high pigment powders. If you are fond of loose mineral powders, this is right tool for you. After the first wash, my brush has retained its softness and shape with absolutely no shedding; so I am happy with my purchase.

BH Cosmetics Purple KabukiBrush

Pros of BH Cosmetics Purple Kabuki Brush:

• Super soft and silky bristles.
• Dome shaped fluffy kabuki brush with good density of brushes.
• Absolutely no shedding of bristles even after washing.
• Dries in good time with retaining original shape and softness.
• Compact and light weight.
• Small, cute and girly.
• Effective for application and blending of finishing powders.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Purple Kabuki Brush:

• Doesn’t come with a plastic pouch.

Rating: 4.4/5

Final Verdict: Overall, I think it’s a good brush for those who are taking their makeup to a level higher than armature and want some professional tools within budget. Kabuki brushes are used by professionals to achieve flawless finish for buffing finishing powders and blending and tapping off excess powders to give final touch to face. So this isn’t a must have brush in your kitty without which you can’t do; but if you want one from the range then this is surely a good option.

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