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Today, I have another interesting product for you – which could make your life real easy! This is the BH Cosmetics Quick Change Brush Cleaner. This is touted to be a dupe for the Vera Mona Colour Switch, which was reviewed by Neha earlier. On reading about the Vera Mona Colour Switch, I was totally enamored by it, but for some reason, I couldn’t get my hands on it. It would invariably be sold out. So, when I accidentally came across this BH Cosmetics one, I picked it up instantly, but is it as good as the Vera Mona one seemed to be? Let’s find it out:


Product Description:
Show your true colors and avoid muddy-looking makeup with our convenient Quick Change residue remover. There’s no need to change brushes when switching to another shade of powder eyeshadow or blush. Simply swipe your brush over the special dry sponge in the covered tin to remove any pigment buildup so bristles are clean and ready to dip into another shade. It’s as easy as touch and go!
USD $11. Vera Mona Colour switch costs $20. I literally payed a King’s ransom for this, it cost me more than the Vera Mona one would have!!



My Experience with BH Cosmetics Quick Change Brush Cleaner:

What is the product all about? It’s basically a type of sponge housed in a metal box. The sponge actually reminds me of the shoe shine sponges which are part of the vanity in hotels. It is meant to be used as a brush cleaner between applications. Is it a spot cleaner, not quite. While doing eye makeup, say you have a limited number of brushes or limited number of “clean” brushes or only one trusted crease brush and upon have already used it to apply one shade on the eye, if you use the same brush to apply another shade, the application is likely to become muddy because the residual pigment from the first eyeshadow will mix with the pigment of the new eyeshadow. You will not get a clean look with it.


So, what do we normally do? Either we keep multiple brushes at hand, our we use spot treatment – like MAC brush Cleanser or Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser which we spray onto the brush and wipe on a tissue post which we would need to wait for a few seconds for the alcohol to dry off. Needless to say, constant use of these spot treatments is not great for your natural hair brushes. Plus, the time wasted between application, while you are waiting for the brush to dry.


Here comes the genius product to the rescue – The Quick Change Brush Cleaner. So, once your brush is dirty with one shade and you need to use it again, you swipe/swirl your brush gently on the Quick Change Sponge and it dislodges all all pigment from the previous shadow and it is good to go for the second shade. The second shade will apply cleanly and clearly – without any muddiness from he previous one.

Does it work? Absolutely! It’s quite a saviour. While I was testing this, I did a whole eye look using Viseart Editorial Brights palette and the Dark Mattes palette and only two brushes. The kind of bold pigment these two eyeshadow palettes have – was the real test for the BH product.



One thing to note, with most eyeshadows, post using the Quick Change sponge, the brush would look fairly clean. However, with darker or brighter shades, there were times that the pigment would stain the brush. So, post swirling on the sponge, the brush would still retain the stain, but would still be clear of any pigment. So, initially when the brush would retain the stain, I got bummed thinking that the product doesn’t really work. However, it works just fine – the pigment dislodges, even though the hair may get stained.


The best part is that it is so easy to use and is so low maintenance! All you need to do is to remove the sponge, wash it under the water and dry out the sponge. Once dry, pop it back into the tin case and you are good to go.

Not only does it work well for eyeshadow brushes but also for blush brush. I used to hate washing my blush brush coz it takes time to dry. Plus, I’m not to crazy about washing natural hair brushes too often. So, the BH Quick Change sponge comes to the rescue. I use one side for eyeshadows and the other for my blush and highlighter brushes.

An extremely important point to note – This is not a replacement for:
• Regular cleaning of your brushes with soap.
• Spot cleaning of your brushes with sprays.
• or for sanitizing your brushes.

So, who really needs this? I think it would be a welcome addition to anyone’s vanity. But who really really needs it:
• Anyone who loves doing eye makeup and knows the pain of cleaning a plethora of brushes after each look.
• Anyone who doesn’t have a huge collection of brushes – since it allows you to use the same one again and again.
• Makeup artists – to be used between application on the same client -not different clients.
• If you have only one trusted brush of a kind – like your trusted MAC 217!

Lastly, this can be used only for powder brushes – not cream, not liquids. If I am not mistaken, Vera Mona does have a variant of Colour switch which can be used for cream products also.

Pros of BH Cosmetics Quick Change Brush Cleaner:

  • Excellent idea – well executed.
  • Great product which identifies and fulfills a need in the market.
  • Removes pigment/colour residue from powder brushes allowing it to be reused with another shade immediately after.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reduces makeup application time.
  • Helps manage with lesser number of brushes.
  • Easy to use.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Quick Change Brush Cleaner:

  • Nothing at all.

IMBB Rating:
Overall Thoughts:
I think it’s a fantastic product. I’m surprised that it isn’t talked about so much on the blogosphere and even more surprised that there aren’t more brands making something similar. To be honest, I even tried a microfiber cloth for the very same purpose – before buying this one, but no, it does not work, at least, it didn’t for me while this one is a life saviour!

Totally recommend! And if I was to lose this one – will buy a replacement in a heartbeat!

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    1. I think Everyone needs it – maybe even 2!! 😉 I bought it from an Instaseller Rati. Lemme know if you need their details or if you want me to check for extra pieces with them. The Vera Mona one is the more talked about one – but it’s perpetually sold out on all their reseller sites!

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