BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge Review

Hello guys,
BH Cosmetics is quite an underrated brand in the YouTube world but I personally adore this brand a lot. I recently picked up a lot of new items that I spotted in their collection. I have been wanting something like a Beauty Blender since ages but never found a close dupe when it comes to the shape and feel but the BH Cosmetics beauty sponge looks just like the beauty blender which is why I picked it up to give it a try. Let’s see how this worked for me.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge Review

Price: $5.50 (excluding shipping charges)

Product Description:
Achieve ultimate complexion perfection with the Studio Pro Beauty Sponge. The unique shape gives you foolproof application to cover every inch of your canvas. The pointed end works the hard-to-reach spots, like the corners of your nose and around the eyes or for covering imperfections. The large, rounded base blends the larger areas of the face for an undetectable finish. Our beauty sponge is latex free, hypoallergenic and odor free.
Features & Benefits
• Latex Free
• Hypo Allergenic
• Odor Free
• Reusable
• Wet or Dry Application
• Vegan
Run the sponge under water and squeeze, making sure it’s fully saturated. Once fully saturated, the sponge will expand. Squeeze the sponge to remove excess water and lightly dry it with a towel. Your sponge is now ready to use. For best results, cleanse the sponge after each use.

My Experience with BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge:

Texture: When the sponge is dry, it feels quite hard and at first I did not like it when I used it dry. I would not suggest anyone to use it when it is dry because it just feels so hard. But on the flip side, once it is dampened you will like it. It is quite soft and bouncy. The funny thing is that once it is wet, it expands way too much which makes your work so easy.


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Other thoughts: People who have used the Beauty Blender love it a lot, but I think this sponge is pretty good. I love my Real Techniques sponge but that doesn’t have a rounded side. This sponge becomes bigger than the beauty blender once you dampen it.


Also, it is quite easy to clean this sponge but if you have long or sharp nails, you could tear it while cleaning. That is one problem with this sponge. It is quite prone to tearing apart quickly! Mine already has a small hole because I wasn’t careful when washing it and my nails made the small hole on it. I hate the fact that it is so easy to tear apart. But overall, it did apply my foundation well and since it is huge, you save a lot of time.


Other than this, it did not soak up too much of the product and feels great when dampened. It does have a strange odour but that goes away once washed under plain water. I am quite happy with my purchase but just a note to everyone who will use this sponge – clean it carefully otherwise you could tear it after one use only.

Pros of BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge:

• Affordable.
• Works well and blends the foundation nicely.
• Saves time.
• Soft.
• Becomes quite big once dampened.
• No odour.
• Doesn’t absorb too much product.

Cons of BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge:

• Not comfortable to use when dry.
• Cleaning can be a little challenging.
• Can be easily torn.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Beauty Sponge?
I love this sponge and I will repurchase it for sure. People try out this sponge if you don’t want to spend money on the beauty blender.

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