Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner Review

Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner

Hello everyone, how are you all doing, enjoying the winters? Last week was very hectic for me and I was slightly away from IMBB, but now I am back. Today I am going to talk about cake eyeliner, which is a makeup artist’s favorite. My love for eyeliner is never ending as a result I have tried them in each and every form and way. I had this eyeliner from quite long and I enjoy using it.


Product Description: A pigmented formulation rich in color with tremendous staying power. Transforms eyes from beautiful to gorgeous. For a longer lasting and more defined look.

Price: Rs 390 for 3 grams

My Experience with Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner:

It comes in a small pot type plastic container which is black colored with a transparent lid. The shade I have is 01 black I am not sure if there are more shades available. Bharat and Dorris is my favorite brand when it comes to professional quality products at reasonable prices, and this one is no different. It is completely travel friendly. The liner inside is in a cake form it looks just like a black eye shadow but is not at all powdery and very smooth . Using it is very easy you simply have to wet a liner brush till it is damp and not soaking wet, and mix in the liner, and apply.


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The intensity of the liner is totally in our hands, if you want a very thick and jet black liner, then use less water and if you want a more liquid consistency just like our regular liquid liner then use slightly more water. It is much pigmented, and a single swipe gives great color payoff. As far as the brush is considered, I prefer using it with a normal eyeliner brush but you can also use an angled brush. If you are someone with shaky hands and are not much comfortable with using liquid liner, then this is great to try as its consistency is not as thin as that of liquid liner. It is not waterproof, but it does not come off easily as well by just splashing water on it, you have to remove it with a cotton pad or a q tip. It stays in place for the whole day, no smudging and flaking at all, unless you are going to rub your eyes than any liner will smudge.

The finish is matte black. It sets in 5 seconds flat, yes no messy eyes. One can make it completely waterproof by using a sealing liquid in place of water. Although I have not tried it that way. At first when I had bought it I thought I could do the same thing with any black eyeshadow, but know the formulation is totally different with the eye shadow it was all powdery, and the pigmentation was no way near to this one. In all I really like using this a lot and lasts for a really long time. I have this one from more than a year now and still there is much left, but then I keep on rotating with other liners as well. And the best thing it does not dry out over time like gel or liquid liners. I have not tried it on waterline as it is a liquid liner, I mainly use it to liner my upper lash line. In the swatch I have swiped it two times.


Pros of Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner:

• Intensity can be build up as per choice
• Pigmentation is good
• Small and compact
• Jet black color and matte finish
• Stays on eyes for almost whole day
• Dries instantly
• Does not become hard or dry over a period of time like other liners
• Lasts for really long time as very little is required


Cons of Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner:

• Needs water or a sealing liquid to be activated
• Does not come with a brush, need a separate applicator
• Not waterproof
• Slightly pricey compared to other liners available in the market

Do I recommend Bharat and Dorris Cake Eyeliner?

It depends on personal choice; if you want to try something new then do give it a shot.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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  1. Sorry…but you are comes off easily when i splashed water. Its not at all good for summer season, it can’t stay even for an hour.

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