Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush Review

Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush

Contour (12)
A small, soft, angled brush head for perfectly sculpted cheeks. The soft-tapered bristles  fit perfectly in cheek contours for defined cheekbones


INR 390


Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush

I am like forever looking for brushes and particularity angled makeup and contour brushes, I dont know why it must be a phase only but still, This time I got a slimmer looking contour brush, it is not very fluffy but will help in sharper contouring.

Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush (6)

This is my first brush from them, and I think it is a good one, the animal hair did put me off, I am not so sure but this is pretty soft, the dual tones fibers definitely look animal hair so this can be a turn off.This brush is slimmer than the colorbar one and look sleeker to use.

Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush (1)

The handle looks nice and sturdy too and it hs done well so far, I have washed it twice and the color has not come off at the print, the hair have not shed, I think I saw one but nothing much to notice. So the softer and non shedding part is good.

Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush (2)

It does not really come in a guard or a pack which is not so helpful. The contour part is good if you want to fill in darker color under you cheek bones, this helps to make a sharp line and then you can blend it with the same brush or a bigger fluffy one, this brush also is nice for nose contour, though it is not so sleek but still manageable. basically i find it better to draw contour lines rather than blend, for blending I would use something bigger maybe.

Bharat & Dorris Contour #12 Brush (5)

The brush is not at all scratchy and feels soft which I think most of us look for in a brush.

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  1. I want to check out their store once *drool* they have nice stuff i think *happy dance* the brush looks great but i already got a new one *headbang*

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