Bharat and Dorris Lip Balm No.5 Review

Bharat and Dorris lip Balm No.5

On one of my visits to the Bharat and Dorris store around 6 months back, I noticed this cute little lip balm, as first I thought it was a lip gloss, but I was wrong. It was lip balm; I tried it on the back of my hand and liked it a lot. It is very smooth and non-sticky. Moreover it was tinted so I went ahead and bought it. So now let’s find out how was my experience with it.

Bharat&Dorris lipBalm No5

What does Bharat and Dorris say about the product-

Lip balm combines the look of a gloss and the benefits of a balm, with the protection of everyday SPF 12 sun protection. Smoothly satin in texture, and non-sticky. Provides just-enough color. Conditions, moisturizes, helps to smooth and improve the look of the lips.

Ingredients list – not mentioned

Available in six shades.

Price– 300rs for 5 grams.

Packaging– Small and sturdy tub, which is transparent.

Bharat and Dorris lip Balm No (3)

My experience with Bharat and Dorris Lip Balm No.5:

It comes in a small container; the color is dark pink, but goes on sheer. It is not completely sheer once applied; it definitely has a tint of color, which I like. The smell is not very overpowering, and the best thing it is not at all sticky. I was seriously not expecting much from this, just a sheer wash of color. But it also moisturizes my lips pretty well. It is very long lasting. I am using this regularly from past 6 months and still have so much left. It is not at all thick and sticky but at the same time is very moisturizing for my dry lips.

Bharat and Dorris lip Balm No swatch

I must say I am highly impressed with all the products B& D has to offer. They are really affordable, but at the same time of excellent quality .This lip balm instantly smoothens my lips and keeps them hydrated for long, unlike some other lip balms. It is not one of the most moisturizing lip balms I have used. So I don’t think people with extremely dry and chapped lips would like them. As the price is also on a bit higher side compared to other products available in the market. But if is worth that for me as it doubles up as an excellent lip gloss.

Pros of Bharat and Dorris Lip Balm No.5:

Not a very strong smell
See-through container
Nice tint of color
Lasts a very long time
Has SPF 12
Many shades and flavors available

pink lips

Cons of Bharat and Dorris Lip Balm No.5:

Available only at B& D stores (Only in Mumbai)
Price a bit on the higher side
Not the best moisturizing lip balm available
Unhygienic as have to dip in fingers.
Recommendation– Not really, there are better products out there.

IMBB Rating- 3/5

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