Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28 Review

Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28

I have always struggled with the application of any powder highlighters; I have extremely oily skin and have to apply a highlighter very carefully and lightly only on certain areas of face to prevent my oily skin from looking shiny like a disco ball 😛 In an urge I also tried different products the latest being the lakme moonlight one, but still it would always look over applied. Frankly I have always underestimated fan brushes thinking they are just an addition to your vanity, but are not of much use. But in this case it proved me completely wrong, as this was the only brush I was missing for that proper application.


Product Description:

This feather-light fan brush softly and seamlessly applies functions self-adjusting powder foundation, soft lights, fusion soft lights, bronze lights, and blush. Use it to apply even the darkest shades lightly for a perfect, natural finish every time. It’s also a must-have tool for lifting away any excess shadow that may have fallen during application without disturbing makeup.

Rs. 290

My Experience with Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28:

Just like all the other brands B & D has also started increasing its prices in their brushes section, this brush was originally priced at Rs 190 as on their website, but now has increased to Rs 290. But still they have a huge variety and quite affordable brushes especially for beginners. This particular brush is available in three types I have the one in medium size and with synthetic hair bristles.


It comes with a plastic protective guard on bristles. The brush itself has a perfect long matte black handle which fits into the fingers perfectly. On one side the name of brand and number is mentioned while on other side the brush type is mentioned. The names are not engraved so there are chances that they can rub off. The brush is fan shaped as the name suggests, and has dual tone bristles.The bristles are extremely soft and feathery and their density seems perfect to me. I have washed it 4 times so far, and have never noticed any hair shedding or color bleeding. Because it is not very thick it dries quickly.
A fan brush is very multi-purpose, and you can use it in as many ways as you can think of 😛 I mainly use it for applying powder highlighters, and I must say I can finally apply it correctly now , it picks up just the right amount of product and makes it look very naturally like barely applied. But if you want you can always layer more or build it up. I have tried using it with a very pigmented blush and it works very well in toning down the application, the same goes with bronzer as well. It works well for removing any excess powder from face and also the fallout from eye makeup. In all it is multi-purpose. It provides a very natural finish even when used with extremely dark and pigmented or too shimmery products.

Pros of Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28:

• Very multi-purpose brush
• Bristles feel very soft on skin
• No hair shedding while washing
• Perfect density
• Very reasonably priced


Cons of Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28:

• Name and number are not engraved
• Limited availability

Do I recommend Bharat & Dorris Professional Fan Brush #28?

If you also struggle with application of shimmery or extremely pigmented products, then you definitely need to try a fan brush, if you come across Bharat and Dorris then definitely try it..

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    1. Thanks Sonia, as far as I know they do not have stores in Delhi, they have stores in Mumbai Infinity 2 Mall Malad though u can check out their website 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot dear for ur prompt reply 🙂 , I checked their website for address will try to get their products through a friend 🙂

  1. lovely review… i don’t have a fan brush *blush* *blush* .. because when i bought my brush set..i think fan brush wasn’t invented at that time *hihi* *hihi* .. i agree it is multi purpose brush *happy dance* *happy dance* ..nice review Dhara 🙂

    1. hehe Nidhi u sound like u bought your brush set a decade ago rofl *hihi* Thanks Nidhi, I love reading your comments *puchhi* it actually proved quite useful for me 🙂

    1. Thanks Parmita 🙂 , no currently they only have stores in Mumbai, am not sure abt Pune though, they should def work on that as they surely have some amazing products *haan ji*

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