Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities

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Our very own Bollywood is full of fashionistas, but every other day we do see those fashion disasters that make us cringe. Hollywood is no different. The stars are dressed to kill. But some of them, we just want to kill them because of their outfit choices. Let us find out about some of the biggest fashion fails of Hollywood.

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities

Gwyneth Paltrow:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 2

This Alexander McQueen frock was supposed to be a gothic number but the unflattering silhouette, bad fitting and no bra makes it a fashion disaster. She seems like, she has woken up from long sickness.

Paris Hilton:

rati beauty ad

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 3

This hotel heiress is not a very good dresser. This became evident from the choice of her 33rd birthday dress. She chose to wear an eye blinding color, which even a first grader would refuse to wear. As if, the color was not enough there is a clutch to blind you a little more.

Miley Cyrus:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 4

I can just assume that she forgot to wear something underneath her white tuxedo jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier. She attended an awards function wearing THIS! I do not know, how she covered her modesty sitting, through the awards wearing just a jacket. Also, not to forget her hairstyle added years to her young age.


Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 5

From her dress to her footwear(I do not know, what exactly is she wearing!) to her bunny headband. Everything went horribly wrong all at once!

Katie Holmes:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 6

Just by looking at the photos, I think, she is really awkward, out of place and uncomfortable in that bright yellow dress. It is too BRIGHT for the eyes. Even, she knew that too!

Lady Gaga:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 7

She is the queen of fashion disasters. It was very difficult to choose her worst one. You take your pick and also do not forget her infamous meat dress!

Kristen Stewart:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 8

That sheer overall is too tight. Her innerwear is not helping the matters either. This is a classic example of sheer gone wrong.

Leighton Meester:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 9

I loved her style in Gossip girls and I think she is really a pretty. But, this lace jumpsuit is just way too much. This is an example of how not to wear a jumpsuit!

Hillary Swank:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 10

This aqua blue Calvin Klein gown is a big miss for this actress. This dress would probably be okay to wear at a prom and not at a prestigious awards night.

Kim Kardashian:

Biggest Fashion Fails of Hollywood Celebrities 11

She wears clothes, which are at least 2 sizes smaller than her usual size. She looks absolutely hideous in this outfit. I feel that poor gold zipper at the back is going to explode.

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  1. I actually like Miley’s dress. She is just class apart. I know most won’t agree with me though. Others, well, they had all the riches in the world, and they spent it on this look! :/

    1. So do I. I really like her dress. Indeed, I find Lady Gaga’s dressing style eccentric which is what she wants to portray. But rest are such a disaster! 😀

  2. Don’t chuck anything in my direction but totally crushing on Leighton Meester & Kristen Stewart! Think they did a fab job! 🙂

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