10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes you Should Avoid

Losing weight can be quite a challenge for some but it doesn’t have to be as tough as it looks. It is a process which may take time to show results and all you have to be is focused. Patience plays a vital role in losing weight and doing the right things. Did you know that you might be hindering the progress by listening to outdated advice and following the wrong guidelines? If you are serious about losing weight, here are a few mistakes we all tend to make when it comes to shedding weight.

Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes you Should Avoid

1. Not making goals: Setting goals when you are serious about weight loss is essential. You cannot just follow a random and uninformed regimen to lose some pounds. If you are keen on keeping the fat off your body, you must write down your goals, make a note of your eating habits and check your current weight. This will help you track your progress and if you aren’t losing weight, you can check what is going wrong.

2. Consuming less calories: Just by consuming less calories through the day, you will not lose weight. Everybody needs different amounts of calories according to height and weight. For example, I need around 1400 to 1500 calories in a day whereas my sister requires about 1800 calories. Her built is different which is why her calorie intake will be different. Our body needs certain calories to function properly and to stay full.

3. Eating too much: Who said you need to eat more to sweat it out? Stick to eating the right kind of foods and you will see results. You are doing everything wrong if you’ve suddenly added too much protein or carbs into your diet.

4. Exercising too much: Just like calorie consumption, every body needs a certain amount of exercising. You don’t need to sit at the gym for 2 hours on the first day of your weight loss plan. You can gradually add activities to your workout plan and stick to an hour of exercise in a day.

5. Exercising too little: Anything too much or too little is not good. If you are just exercising for 10 minutes a day or alternate days, it will be hard to see results. You need to make it a fact to spend about 30 to 40 minutes each day on your body.

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6. Following diets off the internet: For those who need a diet change for extreme weight loss need to stop surfing the net. Find a diet plan that suits your body and not just every random diet chart on the internet. You cannot go from keto to military diet to a plant-based diet in a span of few months. Stick to what works for you and go through the guidelines thoroughly. For perfect diet plans that actually work, download Rati Beauty diet program from Rati Beauty app and lose weight effectively.

7. Only dieting: By only dieting, you will lose weight but it isn’t healthy and it would take a long time to see results. It is advisable you cut down on food habits as well as indulge in an exercise routine, especially opt for weight lifting to really make it work. Stop thinking that giving up food is the way to go. Moving the body and burning off those calories is important too.

8. Too many cheat days: Everyone loves cheat days but when they turn into two or more cheat days in a week, you’re making a weight loss mistake. Learn to control your cravings and keep a cheat day fixed in the week. Usually my cheat day is a Saturday night because we usually go for dinners that night till late. Stick to it and believe me, it works.

9. Not eating the right food: Whoever said potatoes, roti, etc., is bad for you! All of these foods are incredible for your system. You just have to know how to eat them. The diet I started following mentioned to have brown rice during lunch and roti in the night. Since roti takes a while to digest, it keeps you full through the night. It makes total sense! Also, I keep mixing it up and have avoided oily parantha. Stick to diet programs by Rati Beauty for great results.

10. Giving up: Another mistake you make in your weight loss plan is giving up too soon. It takes months until you see results and you have to stay strong. If your weight loss plan is not working for 3 months then opt for a change. Till then, do not give up.

Avoid these 10 mistakes and you will have the perfect weight loss routine which will show bright results. Don’t ever lose hope!

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