5 Bikini Area Problems That We All Face: Let’s Get Rid of Them!

I know this is a topic that is not discussed often, and that may be due to embarrassment or whatever, but let’s face it, we all have bikini area problems, and want solutions to get rid of them! Hair removal is not just the only thing that concerns us. There are other things that we worry about too, so let’s see what they are and how they can be kept at bay.


1. Razor burns: This is one of the most common problems that we face, especially after a shave. It can be caused due to different reasons like using an old blade, not using shaving foam or just shaving the same area over and over again. The end result is irritated skin, redness and bumps, which are so not appealing.

Bikini area problems that we all face-razor

What to do? Try using a new razor to get a closer and cleaner shave, or use a shaving gel; if not gel, then use your hair conditioner. If you still end up with a razor rash, use an anti-inflammatory lotion to soothe the area. You can also make use of aloe vera gel to soothe the area. You must avoid wearing tight clothing after you’ve shaved, so ditch your panty for an hour after a fresh shave.

2. Ingrown hair: This is one of the most annoying things in the world; not only do they stop our legs from looking flawless, they are also seen around our bikini area. The hair do not grow out of the follicle as they get trapped beneath the skin and that leads to these bumps. No matter what, do not constantly wax or shave over them to get rid of them, because they might get worse on doing so.

Bikini area problems that we all face-exfoliate

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What to do? Well, squeezing the bump is pretty tempting, but then that may just lead to scars or even infections. For ingrown hair, you must try to exfoliate the area at least twice each week, and make sure you are shaving in one direction, because shaving in different directions is also one of the reasons why you have ingrown hair. Also, taking hot showers may help curb the hair out by smoothening the skin.

3. Skin discoloration: Let’s face it, we all suffer from it especially in our V-zone, and the main causes for this problem are wearing tight fitted clothing, friction of the thighs or just shaving too hard on that area.
What to do? You must never pick at the ingrown hair as it leads to scarring; also another reason for discoloration could be application of hot wax; to solve this problem, you can use lightening creams or just visit your dermatologist to coax the issue.

4. Itchy V-zone: After a shave, it is normal that you feel itchy and dry and you must control itching the crotch area, no matter how bad it is getting.

Bikini area problems that we all face-itch

What to do? Do not scratch because it is only going to lead to redness and irritation. Once you have shaved, splash cold water on the area and then apply lotion to keep the area moisturized and control the itch.

5. Uneven hair growth: Yes, you have some longer and a bit of stubble down there, something that is so unappealing.
What to do? Try shaving larger areas, as this will help in even growth of hair. Be patient and wait until the hair grows back; let it take its own time before you shave or wax again.

Hope this helped!!
Take care!

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