Bio Bloom Day Protection Lotion with Sunscreen Review

Bio Bloom Day Protection Lotion with Sunscreen Review

bio bloom daily protection suncsreen lotion review

Claims and Ingredients :

bio bloom daily protection suncsreen lotion ingredients

This lotion protects the skin from external aggression and provides the daily requirement of protein & Vitamin E to the skin and gives protection from sunlight and UV Rays.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Apply lavishly to all exposed areas of the body including the face, at least 20 minutes before you plan to step out. Repeat application every 2 hours. In case you are in the water like a pool or a beach, repeat application at least every 1 hour.

Price Rs 599/- for 200 ml bottle

bio bloom daily protection suncsreen

You may purchase this from Bio Bloom’s website HERE

My Experience with Bio Bloom Day protection Lotion Sunscreen :

When I first received this body lotion, I was a bit apprehensive. Something that says ‘sunscreen’ but does not mention the how much SPF it contains definitely makes me raise an eyebrow. Upon asking the Bio Bloom team, they mentioned that this body lotion contains SPF 15 and it is a daily body sunscreen. It does not provide enough protection for beach.

Looking at the ingredients – it is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulphate and petrochemicals. Plus the ingredients list looks super impressive with almond oil, olive oil,soyabean oil etc. The first ingredient listed is liquorice. It is meant to control swelling and redness. Regular usage of liquorice can also help reduce age spots and hyper pigmentation. Carrot seed oil is what gives you protection from harmful rays of sun. It is also a powerful detoxifier and helps in relieving stress and exhaustion. Cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are standard, benign, waxlike cosmetic thickening agents and are completely nonirritating and safe to use in body lotions / creams. They are derived from plants and animals.

I personally never ever apply sunscreen on full body. It’s only the exposed areas of my body that benefit from sunscreen. So I was really looking forward to using this product. I thought something was better than nothing and if this has low SPF, I’d rather use more quantity per usage to higher up the standards. 😛

It is a basic body lotion with medium thick consistency. It spreads evenly and get absorbed within seconds. If you apply a lot of it, it does take time to get absorbed, obviously.It is absolutely non greasy.  It’s hard to explain the fragrance but it is a strong earthy essentials oil kinda fragrance. I like it. Sanjeev finds it quite strong. It may be bothersome for some.

I noticed that it did give me a sun protection and kept my skin from getting tanned while I was in Kuala Lumpur. I knew it wouldn’t give me any protection on a beachy destination but I still used it. I was slathering a ton of other sunscreens on my exposed parts of the body to prevent from excess tanning.

The best thing I found about this is that even though it has sunscreen it does not make you sweaty. I mean how gross it would be if you apply a body sunscreen and then it makes you sweat! 😐 This can also be used in a pool.

The pump packaging is simple and useful. It also has a twist lock so I could carry it around with me.

Oh! I definitely use it for my hands before stepping out. 🙂

I have dry skin so I don’t find this very moisturising. But during summers I do look for lotions that a bit lightweight. And it did keep my skin quite comfortable throughout my travel. Especially in Malaysia, where there was a mix of humidity and harsh sun, I did not find myself getting any rashes or sunburns. And this was the only thing I was using on my arms there.

Personally, I am very happy with this body sunscreen.I am already half way though the bottle and I’d def pick more of these. Atleast I’d be able to use sunscreen every single day. I wish they’d come up with more body sunscreens with higher SPF and at least mention the SPF on the packaging itself.

If you are someone who applies sunscreen anyway every single day on your body as well, you may give this a skip. But if you are lazy like me and don’t want to layer on the products I think this a is a great pick.

Rating : 4/5

bio bloom daily protection suncsreen SPF 15

bio bloom daily protection suncsreen pump

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Product sent by brand for consideration. The review is based on a personal experience.


17 thoughts on “Bio Bloom Day Protection Lotion with Sunscreen Review

  1. I am in search of good sunscreen, this looks good as no sweat, but spf15? I recently found one good one josie maran argan daily moisturizer spf 47, i am loving it try it once Rati…it is also parabens, sulphates, phthalates free, with argan oil in it *drool* i am loving it.

    1. Do give a review about Josie maran moisturizer….I have been using their argan oil which I love
      I would like to knw abt the moisturizer too.

        1. oh great sravanthi u tried their argan moisturizer with spf 47… *drool* pls do review it, i need to get a decent sunscreen plus day lotion for oily skin and i ws slight skeptical abt this day moisturizer.
          hopefully i will get it, if its worth… do share ur views… *specs* *specs*

  2. I am really tempted to try biobloom, especially their body care range.. *drool* *drool*
    finally i also managed to get spf 30 body lotion frm bombshell derma doctor, cant wait to seee hw it works on my skin.. *happydance*

  3. Hey! Looks like a fairly good sunscreen. I’ve actually heard that very high SPF sunscreens (50, 100, etc) can harm your skin in the long run..
    So I guess its better to frequently use something that’s SPF 15 or 20 than those extremely high SPF ones 🙂

  4. wooow this looks great and the best part is that it does not make you sweat *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* hence would love to try this one out this summer *happy dance* *happy dance*

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