Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel Review

Facial Skin: Oily & sensitive
Skin around Eyes: Sensitive & dry

Hi, everyone!
My eye area looks dark and lifeless, thanks to my irregular lifestyle. I am fighting against this problem for over a month, and now my eyes look so much better. As I believe in natural products, I got this under eye gel by Bio Bloom. I quite like this product as a soothing eye gel. Let’s get into the details.
Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel Review

Rs. 259/- for 15g


My Experience with Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel:

Bio bloom under eye gel comes in a small clear plastic jar with a black screw cap. Packaging is travel-friendly but not hygienic at all. I was expecting  a better packaging. One jar contains around 15g of product and is priced at Rs. 259, which is pretty cool. But, availability is an issue. They claim that it is a natural brand, which I really like.


The product comes in a medium consistency orangey brown gel form. The consistency is good and easily spreads on the skin. It is very light on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. It has a very soothing smell of mint. I absolutely love the smell of refreshing mint. It gives a fresh soothing touch to my eyes. The gel has never irritated my eyes. It never feels sticky or oily on my skin and it makes my skin smooth. But, it dries out quickly. And, after few hours, it feels a little dry. Hence, it is not for dry under eye area. I prefer a moisturizing eye cream at night, but it is not super moisturizing. Moisturizing gels help to hide the fine line, so this one doesn’t do anything about fine lines.

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As per the instructions, you need to apply this on the eyes, leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse. But this technique doesn’t work for me. It does nothing for my eyes, except giving a cooling and refreshing effect. But if I apply this as an eye gel for a longer time, then it works quite nicely. This eye gel contains so many good ingredients that provide a very soothing effect on the eyes. It relaxes my tired eyes and brings back the energy.


It works nicely on puffy eyes. It makes the eye area fresh and clear. But it doesn’t work as fast on dark circles. I have been using this for quite a few weeks now, but it hasn’t reduced my dark circles totally. It works very slowly and it needs lots of patience to show results. It is good if you want a non-oily eye cream and it is a nice option for summer days.


I like it mainly for the cooling sensation. Overall, it feels nice on my eyes and gives a soothing touch. But it dries out very fast in the tub also. After two weeks, the product became dry which is quite saddening.

Pros of Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel:

• Affordable.
• Has a refreshing scent of mint.
• Glides smoothly and gets absorbed quickly.
• Non-oily.
• Gives a cooling sensation.
• Works on puffy eyes.
• Makes eyes fresh and energized.
• Adds glow to the skin
• Sulfate and paraben-free.
• Natural ingredients.
• Safe for sensitive eyes.

Cons of Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel:

• Unhygienic jar packaging.
• Can’t provide enough moisturization.
• Not super effective on dark circles.
• Works very slowly.
• Dries out quickly in the jar.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel?
Maybe not, I prefer hydrating eye gels more. My Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel does a much better job. I am not highly recommending this product for dark circles, but it is a nice option for summers.

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