Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Review

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Hey Beautifuls..

Finally, we are enjoying full fledged summers, fingers crossed though! I heard many cities are boiling over 40 degrees in our hometown and my saasuland delhi.. 😛 Stay cool and safe friends! I like summers for teeny shorts and maxi dresses which are otherwise deadliest combo for frequently changing weather here! Moreover, this frequent changing temperature often targets my weird skin which is already too good to admire for.. 😛 Thanx to IMBB, I am updated with latest knowledge on taking care of my skin in any weather apart from digging deep into ingredients and deciding what’s good and what’s best for my skin! I like Biore and heard that it is pretty famous and loved among IMBBians as well. Hence I decided to personally give it a try by splurging in their new deep charcoal cleanser. Charcoal products are pretty famous these days especially among oily, blemish prone skin isn’t?


Upon using it for pretty decent 3-4 weeks I finally realized that it does what it claims to up to good extent not completely though. Moreover, I would like to avoid it in winters as it tends to give me stretchy/dry skin sometimes which might be due to its menthol content! Please read on further to know more about this charcoal infused cleanser from Biore..

Price: $ 6.49 for 6.77 fl oz (200 ml), price may vary store to store

Packaging: This translucent black cleanser comes in ordinary but sturdy transparent plastic bottle packaging with pump dispenser opening. I can notice teeny black grains in cleanse which might be charcoal flakes. Thankfully its pump dispenser is working fine however I don’t feel it is suitable for travelling purpose. It has slight strong menthol fragrance which is not overpowering for me though!


My Experience with Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser:

This translucent black charcoal cleanser is slight runny in nature with teeny black charcoal flakes (I assume so) which are not invigorating on my skin. It seems like any normal gel cleanser which appears grainy but in actual its texture is way soft and gel type. However it is really effective and tough on dirt, oil and blemishes!

It does not form rich lather while I personally love to work upon rich foam hence I usually pump out more than required in every usage. It gives immense soothing & cooling sensation while massaging on skin and post washing I feel tingling and refreshed feel for good 10-20 minutes which is plus point of using it in scorching summers! Moreover, it efficiently removes every trace of dirt, oil and night cream off my face in just one wash. I have used charcoal infused cleanser from boscia before and upon comparing both I feel this Biore cleanser more or less works similar to that of my previous boscia cleanser except the fact that boscia never dried or gave me stretchy skin apart from refining & toning my skin while this particular biore cleanser gives me slight stretchy and dry skin and I need to immediately follow up with good moisturizer even in summers! It does not clear my blackheads which are deep embedded around my nose though I understand we cannot get rid of these nasty blackheads with a cleanser alone. Other than that I am quite impressed that this  cleanser gives me squeaky clean skin while improving my skin texture with every wash. It also helps with oil control for good 4-5 hours (without using face powder) even in current hot/humid weather around. It also helped me in controlling zits and break outs up to good extent though major credit goes to my night gel and moisturizer.


I also feel it is not good at removing waterproof make up, I need to either wipe off my waterproof eye liner with oil & cotton or else this cleanser takes at least 2-3 washes to remove them off completely! Hence I limit its usage just once a day in morning when I really need to awaken my senses while getting rid of dirt, oil and laziness which it actually does very effectively! Even my hubby loves to use it every day as part of his grooming session for he loves that cooling, tingling sensation which activates our senses!

Over all, I would like to recommend this decent charcoal cleanser to every beauty who is on budget provided you are fine with its ingredients like: parabens, SLS, menthol etc.! It works above average on my skin however I don’t think it would help me in winters as it gives me slight stretchy dry skin. It is a nay for dry, sensitive skin anyways!

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

 An efficient deep pore cleanser infused with goodness of charcoal
 It works well on oily, acne prone skin
 It gives great soothing & cooling sensation
 It helps me with oil control for good 4-5 hours
 It also helped me in keeping zits at bay to a good extent
 It refines and tones my pores over
 Pretty affordable charcoal cleanser which works above average



Cons of Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser:

• It does contain menthol, parabens and SLS
• It gives me slight stretchy, dry skin sometimes
• It does not remove make up effectively
• It does not form rich foam hence I always end up using more than required
• It does take time to clear deep embedded black heads

Over all I feel it is pretty decent product which works good on my oily, acne prone skin though I am not impressed to get it again for it gives me dry, stretchy skin quite often. Not to forget I own Boscia konjac charcoal sponge as well and hence I can get benefits of charcoal cleansing from sponge alone! However, if you are fine with parabens, sls and menthol then you will definitely like it for its charcoal content which refines, cleans and clears skin up to a good extent!

IMBB Rating

I would like to give it 3.5/5 as per my personal observation!

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16 thoughts on “Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Review

  1. Wow…charcoal cleanser is a new thing m hearing…had heard about charcoal scrubs and packs…nice review 🙂

    1. yeah kadambari its decent for price considering its good qualitites.. *haan ji* just a slight turn off on sensitive skin as it tends to give dry stretchy skin knw.. *powder*

    1. sumera it is pretty decent and good in terms of results but it leaves my skin dry nd stretchy hence I dont feel like using it very often especially in fluctuating weather.. *nababana*
      it might b gud for intense summers though.. *haan ji*

    1. yes it is ok considering its ingredients and drying properties jotsna. still much better than other drugstore options knw.. *haan ji*

    1. really!! hope u dnt get dry, stretchy skin, it really spoil mood to see white scaly patches around lips and chin post using this cleanser knw.. *nababana*

    1. oh yes, it might be bothering due to its parabens, menthol and sls.. *hunterwali*
      btw whr r u based rene, arnd california by any chance??.. *happydance*

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